Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cruel Mother Nature

Today I have an appointment to get my snow tires off the van...the weatherman is calling for flurries tomorrow...flurries...April 30th...flurries...WTF???????!!!!!! Mother Nature, you are cruel.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why do we have singers?

On Saturday morning I drove the Trilogy to my parents' house. With David away for 12 days this was a very appreciated break for me (thanks Mom and Dad!)- and the kids, well, they LOVE going to Nana and Pepe's house.

As we are driving down the highway DJ pipes up and asks, "Mom, why do we have singers?"

- Singers? Well, for entertainment. So we can dance and sing along. Songs and music make us happy.

- No mom, singers. S-ING-ERS. Singers and thumbs. Why do we have singers?

I look into the rear view mirror and see DJ wiggling his fingers and thumbs for emphasis.

- OH! Fingers. Well, we have fingers to help us pick things up and hold things. Look, for Mommy to drive I have to grab the steering wheel and I do that with my fingers and thumbs.

- But Mommy, I cannot drive, so why do I still have singers?

- Well, fingers are great for picking up things and helping us doing things. If you wanted to pick up a toy, what would you use?

- My singers!

- Yep. And what if you had an itch on your nose and you had no fingers? I guess you would have to wrinkle up your nose.

I start to make funny faces attempting to scratch a pretend itchy nose. I look into the rear view mirror to see my two little boys laughing and wiggling their noses and making funny faces.

I raise my finger to my nose and scratch. The boys copy me and the little girlie squeals at my reflection in the mirror. My heart swells and I fall in love with each one of them all over again!

-Whew! Thank goodness for fingers!

- Mommy, we also use fingers to catch a ball.

- Yep. We sure do DJ!

Then a parade of finger-needed actions and activities are shouted from the back row of the van, including: push a car, play with Lego, give a hug, do high five, put on our clothes, hold a cup, shake hands, play on the swing, climb the monkey bars...and then, Anderson concludes the list.

- Pick our noses!

I groan and DJ replies to Anderson, with the level of authority only a big brother can use, "Yes Ander, we can use our fingers to pick our noses, but that is rude and we only do that when no one is watching, right Mommy?"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Damn Time Differences

To my darling husband,

I miss you as much as I love you.

Due to the time difference between Ontario and British Columbia our conversations are short and never offer the opportunity for me to tell you exactly how I feel. Damn those 3 hours!

I pray and hope that Grandma's funeral went as well as possible. That her life was celebrated and the cloak of sadness was not immobilizing for anyone. I expect you were the strength and support many of your family members needed and wanted. I take comfort in knowing you are there and will be able to help.

Please know that things are going very well here on the home front. The kids are doing really well and there have been very few stressful times. Believe it or not, the bewitching hour(s) have not been that bewitching...perhaps this is because I am not anticipating your arrival home from work. I am pacing myself and able to cope very well with the trilogy.

My heart swelled when Ander rushed out of his room this morning yelling," Is Daddy home yet?" David Joseph looked at him and said," No, he is still with Grandpa and Great Grandpa helping Great Grandma get to be an angel. That is hard work Anderson and he is helping Great Grandpa and Grandpa not be sad."

David, my love, thank you. Thank you for being you. For loving your family. For being a rock. For loving me - and our children.

Miss you. Love you.

BEAR....and 3 little bear cubs.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cherished Memories

Here are some memories caught on film, that I will always cherish.

David Joseph meeting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa - September 2004

Anderson meeting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa - June 2005

Madigan Victoria meeting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa - December 2007

Our last visit with Great Grandma Vicky - Christmas 2007
And saying our good byes - unsure if we would ever see Great Grandma again. Her health continued to fail and on Wednesday she peacefully passed away. The love in those big embraces just warms my heart.
Once I have a quiet moment to reflect and gather my thoughts, I will attempt to write an appropriate tribute to Grandma Vicky.
For now, here is the obituary that will appear in the newspaper:

(Dec 19, 1926 – April 16, 2008)
Victoria Mary Storrie passed away peacefully on April 16, 2008.

She was a loving and devoted wife, sister, mother, grandma, great-grandma and aunt. Victoria is survived by her loving husband of 61 years Dave, her sons David (Marlene) in Campbell River and Kevin in Courtenay, her brother Cliff (Shirley) Fletcher in the Comox Valley, grandchildren David(Laura), Teresa (Joerg), Lisa, Kathy, Eliza, James, Richard and Shawna, numerous great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

Victoria was born and raised in the Port Alberni where she met her husband in 1946. It was in Port Alberni and Comox that she raised her family when they were young before moving to Richmond. Vicky traveled the world with her husband Dave and moved where ever his work took them. Some of Vicky’s fondest memories are her times involved with Boy Scouts and Cubs with her children, and working on political campaigns in the 1970s and 1980s. Victoria moved with Dave to Hong Kong in 1987, then to Hawaii a few years later, and finally Guam before they returned to their home in Qualicum Beach in 1995. Vancouver Island was always home to Victoria and it was there that she lived out her final years, visiting with family and friends around Vancouver Island.

Victoria was a loving, caring person and although she has physically left this earth, her memories will always remain with us in our minds and our love for her will forever be in our hearts.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gift Horse Post Removed

For those of you who use Google Reader, or anything similar, I apologize if you clicked over to the Fringe to read my post entitled, "Gift Horse".

I wrote that post at 2AM...I was a bit ticked off...now, after some thought, I have decided not to look a particular gift horse in the mouth...so...I deleted the original post - and will post again later!

Have a great day!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

40 @ T- 361 Days

Well, I am so tired that I am sure I cannot do justice to this entry...so, I will write a bit and then let the photos tell the story.

On April 9th I celebrated my 39th birthday. My hubby asked if I wanted to wait and have a big party for my 4-0...and I said, no, let's have a count down to 40 party! And so, we did!

I have the best friends EVER! On Saturday night I had a huge birthday bash. We rented the private room at THE WORKS. This is the most amazing hamburger joint in the whole wide world! The food is AMAZING!!!! (you gotta click on the link and see the variety of burgers they offer....Oh La La...Scrumptious!)

Anyways, I invited about 40 of my closest friends and over 30 of them showed up! We had a blast. It was amazing. I saw people I hardly see since having kids, switching soccer teams and getting busy with regular life. Friends from all areas of my life came and inter-mixed. It was WONDERFUL.

There is a HUGE screen TV and we brought our new Wii system. Well, that was the BOMB! It was hilarious to see everyone playing and challenging each other! We played everything from bowling to cow racing to fishing to skeet shooting to dance revolution to air hockey. It was so much FUN!

It was an amazing night...thank you to all my friends who made it all so special!!!!

Wonder what I can do for the BIG 4-0 to top this year's party?!?!?!?!??! Better start brain storming and planning now!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lost Generation

Found this today, and had to share with all my blogging friends. Hope it touches you - and perhaps makes you stop and think a bit...I know it touched me and really got me thinking!

Perhaps we have never gone too far...perhaps there is hope...perhaps we can and will reverse the damage we have done to ourselves, others, and this world we call home.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

We Interrupt Your Regular Blog Reading

For live media coverage!

The Storrie Trilogy will be interviewed on The BEAR radio station at 10 AM eastern savings time.

We always participate in the Children's hospital radio-athon and telethons...so, if you are by the computer - check it out..


and better yet...make a donation to help the hospital who helps our kids.

Thanks...now back to your regular blogging activity!

Wordless Wednesday - The Count Down Begins!

When my Mom celebrated her 39th birthday, I thought she was old. (Sorry Mom, but, I did!) Now, I realize that 39 is not old at all!!!!

39th Birthday celebrations!

Celebrating with Hubby, my 3 great kids and my parents!

The count down to 40 begins!!!!

Thanks for a WONDERFUL day everyone and all your well wishes!

Monday, April 7, 2008

In my own words....OWCH!

After last Wednesday's Wordless Wednesday post Mommy got lots of questions on how I did when I got my ears pierced. So, Mommy thought I should tell you in my own words...well, in the words I would use if I had any...

What a cruel April Fools joke. Mommy took me to a store full of sparkly, pretty, shiny things. Oh, how I loved reaching at and touching the bracelets, necklaces and earrings on display in the store. Everything was so pretty and girlie. Even Anderson liked looking at all the bling bling.

Mommy seemed a bit nervous. She talked for quite awhile with the young girl that worked in the store. I thought the girl was funny because she had a shiny thing in her nose, eyebrow and lots of shiny things in each of her ears.

Mommy asked lots of questions. She seemed very interested to know if something could be done "both at the same time." I did not really understand all the grown up talk. But, Mommy learned that "both at the same time" is actually against the rules since it would mean two different people preforming the task. I was not sure what task they were talking about, but Mommy seemed to agree with the young hole-y girl and finally said, "OK. Let's do it!" Then she signed some papers.

I got excited when Mommy showed me some cute little purple shiny things. Mommy said it was my birthstone and that they would look so cute. I giggled and squealed and got excited.

Then Mommy started telling me that she hoped she could "do this". I still did not understand what "this" was, but it was apparent that "this" was causing Mommy some anxiety. So, I took my cue and started to act upset when Mommy tried to take what she called "before photos".

Then I got to sit on Mommy's lap on a tall chair. The young girl then tilted my head and put a little mark on my ear. I cooperated, but could tell something was about to happen. Then Mommy wrapped one arm around my arms and body and placed one hand on my head. Then Mommy closed her eyes tight and tensed all up.

BANG....sharp pain....I start to whimper, looking around...then Mommy pulls out her booby and I get an unexpected mid-day snack... YUMMY...all the while Mommy was telling me what a big girl I was being.

Suddenly Mommy pulls me off the booby and sits me up. The strange girl uses the marker on my other ear. Hmmmmm... this resulted in a bit of pain a few moments ago...I start to squirm. Mommy holds on tight and BANG...more sharp pain.

But, before I could cry, Mommy lets me continue my mid-day snack. YUMMY....

When I finally finish, Mommy shows me a mirror and I see the pretty purple shiny things in my ears. In my ears. Can you believe it? I start to laugh and kick my feet. The strange girl from the store gives me a pretty bag to hold. I really liked chewing on the string handles.

Mommy is all smiles and keeps telling me that "we did it" and that "I was very brave". I am not sure why she is all gushy over me, but heck, it made me happy. Then I got to share a cookie with Anderson and Mommy let me walk all the way around the mall. It was so much fun!

Now three or four times a day my Mommy wants to wash my ears and play with my shiny purple things. She thinks it is fun to push them back and forth and twirl them around. I beg to differ and try to tell her how much I do not like her playing with my pretty earrings by screaming and squirming. She does not seem to understand and keeps telling me it will be a long 6 weeks.

I like seeing my new earrings and I think they look pretty. Best of all, I completely forget how much those two BANGs hurt.

Daddy really likes my pretty ears and sometimes plays with them while Mommy holds me still. He says I am a pretty girl with pretty pierced ears...and that I am only allowed to have pierced ears. Daddy says I am not allowed to pierce any other body part...I am OK with that...for now...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hope her need is greater than my need for $1.00

Yesterday I participated in the Giant Kids Garage sale. All table and door proceeds go to the La Leche League of Canada. It is an amazing sale to get everything you need for kids up to 12 years old for great prices. I was fortunate to get a table for the fall/winter sale, and again for the spring/summer sale.

This time I decided to offer very affordable prices (read: get rid of) my gently used kid items (read:stuff & junk). So, instead of pricing every item (read: I was pricing till 2am for the last sale, this time I wanted the no hassle approach) I decided everything would be priced at $1.00 - yep, everything, no matter the make or condition: pants, t-shirts, pullovers, shorts, overalls, sleepers, dresses - everything $1.00 - Old Navy, Oshkosh, Kushies, Teddy's Brand, The Children's Place...EVERYTHING $1.00!

Imagine my surprise when I witnessed someone shop-lift from my booth!

I was pretty busy (read: shoppers recognized all the great deals to be had at my table) and business was brisk (read: went with a van load of boxes and came home with 2 boxes of left overs!).

A lady in a handicap scooter came up to my table and started rummaging through one of my boxes full of pants. I saw her place 3 pairs of Oshkosh pants on her scooter, and then 1 or 2 overalls and then a bunch of t-shirts. I asked her if she wanted me to take them for her so she could continue shopping. She refused and kept going through different boxes. I should have noticed her nervousness.

I continued waiting on other people and pocketing a buck here and a few bucks there. I glanced over at the lady on the scooter and watched her pick up a few baby items and place them on top of the other items form my booth that were on the front section of her handle bars. Just as another customer started to bargain for a bulk buy, I heard the scooter lady say, "oh, maybe I do not need these after all." From the corner of my eye I saw her place the baby items back...and as she did, she pushed a plastic bag over the other items she had taken from my booth...and then drove off...yep, with the pants and overalls and t-shirts she had originally "looked at".

I did not have the time or energy to go after her...and I hope her need for those items is greater my need for the $6-10.00 I may have gotten from an honest person...and if her need is greater, then I am sad for her...I really am...(read: no one should have to steal $1.00 bargains to clothe their children, ever).

On a positive note, I made about $280.00 and I got some amazing deals on stuff my kids needed.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

How's your day going?

"But, I'm nooooooooot whiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnninnnnnng any morrrrrre Mommmmyeeeeee"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008