Saturday, October 24, 2009

But, apparently

My mom is battling stage three throat cancer.

She just completed round one of her radiation and chemotherapy.

During the last 7 weeks I have felt a bit inadequate: I am struggling with how best to offer my love, support and help during this challenging, difficult, scary time.

I want to do more than I am doing for her - she means the world to me!


I am not a nurse, caregiver, nutritionist or orderly.

I am not a scientist, pharmacist, or medical engineer.
I am not technician, radiologist, nor am I a doctor, or an oncologist.

But, apparently,

I am beginning to fancy myself a runner.

Tomorrow, I am running in the Ottawa Hospital 10k RATTLE ME BONES race.

(and though it is not much, it makes me feel like I can help in my mother's care.)

Wish me luck!

(Thank you Ottawa Hospital for taking such great care of my mom!)

HEY MOM, Love you - Hate cancer!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A précis of news coverage

As long-time Fringe readers know, I really do love my job!

But, alas, like many jobs, even dream-jobs, there is usually little recognition for all the hard work we do.

That is, until now!

Last night on The CBC National News there was a call out to my little team of media monitors and analysts. Watch for yourself!!!!, if someone asks what I do for a living I can say, "I deliver a précis of news coverage to the Prime Minister!"

PM Harper is correct, he DOES NOT watch Canadian news broadcasts....I DO...FOR HIM!!!!

Which sounds more impressive than, I watch the news for the Prime Minister!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This morning...

This morning I am tired, cranky and having "period problems".

This morning I eyed up all the donuts and danishes at the coffee shop.

This morning I did not cave in.

Today, I will stay on program.

This week I will be successful at the scale.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ringing in my ears and deep in my heart

This morning, did you hear it???

The bells ringing....

Did you hear it???

It was the sweetest sound ever!!!

At the Ottawa cancer hospital it is customary for patients to ring the bell after their last chemotherapy session.

So, did you hear the bell this morning?

I sure did!

Today my mom rang the bell.

Today was my mom's last chemotherapy session.

That wonderful sound is still ringing in my heart.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ready! Set! Go Gobble Gobble!

A few weeks into the school year I got a phone call from DJ's school. Apparently, every second nutrition break he was hanging out with a bunch of grade 3-6 students. DJ would race out of the Grade 1 door and head over to the far corner of the track. The grade 5 teacher called to tell me of DJ's fascination with this crowd.

Apparently, every day, DJ has been leaving his peers and joining in the grade3-6 track team practices.

The coach told me that he does not want to discourage DJr, but that he wanted to make sure my future track star understood he was too young to participate in the upcoming track team competition.

That afternoon, I sat DJ down and asked him about his track aspirations.

He was so cute. At first he thought he was in trouble. Then, I think I figured he was going to be banned from the team practices.

He smiled innocently at me and simply said he liked running with the big kids. It was good exercise and making him strong and healthy.

I congratulated him on his commitment and hard work. Then I gently explained how he could not compete with the school team...not yet.

He smiled. Nodded in agreement. Gave me a big hug and said, " That's ok mommy. I do not run for them. I run for me, cause I like it...and um, I run for you."

"You run for mommy?"

"Well mommy, I like it when you race and I want to race like you. But really, I just want to run with you when I get big and when I get better at running. Mommy, you go to your running class to learn to run - and I go to the running team to learn to run and maybe one day we can run together. I would really like that. Mommy, running makes you happy and running makes me happy and I like being happy with you!"


It really hit me how my transformation from being overweight, inactive and unhealthy has impacted my children.

My children see how I now take time for myself, and that physical exercise, working out, and taking care of myself makes me happy. Heck, it makes me happy, content, proud and at peace.

They see the benefits to leading an active lifestyle. Both the physical ones, and the emotional ones.

I am committed to keeping up with my new routines of working out, eating properly and taking care of myself. I am committed to being a positive role model for my three children.

So, this past weekend we all ran together. We entered the The Fall Colours Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot race.

And everything about it made me happy.

Pre-race photo!

And we are off!!!!
I love this photo of the boys! DJ's facial expression is priceless!

DJ loved the experience. He was awesome!
Click HERE for more photos of DJ giving it his all!
Anderson was excited...and then got a little whiny ...but soon got his second win and finished on a high note!

Click HERE for more photos of Anderson.

Little Madigan ran the ENTIRE 1km on her own. She was so determined. When people cheered for her she would stop and clap! It was hilarious! This photo so captures her race with me loudly cheering her on every step of the race!

Her photos from the race are great! I love the one with her running and a man running behind her with his screaming child! Priceless! Click HERE to see all Madigan`s professional shots!

Here we are after the race. The kids were super proud of their t-shirts, their bibs and especially their medals.

I was just proud of them...and very thankful.

Happy be-lated thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian bloggers!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The scat master irons his socks

OH my!

Rex Murphy did not disappoint!!!!

"The scat master"

"No bimbos in Harper land!"

"Harper and the Deficits"

OH my!
I HEART Rex!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So yesterday!

Ok... I no longer have PM Harper's Beatle song in my head...that is just sooooo yesterday!!!

(hee hee, I made a funny!)

Today's brain-knocker is this little glee-ful rendition of a popular song!

(hee hee, another funny!)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bravo! Bravo!!!!

OK, our Prime Minister stole the show on Saturday night!

He is NO OBAMA, in fact, many a comedic sketch has payed homage to his robotic nature. But he threw caution to the wind, and took centre stage!

Oh, his handlers have worked hard trying to improve his image - Remember those lovely sweaters?????!!!!

Anyways, thanks to PM Harper I have been humming this song!!!! All. Day. Long.

I cannot get it out of my head!!!

Furthermore, this tune is being hummed all over Parliament Hill!

Every morning I deliver my report to the PM's office in Centre Block. Well, this morning I came across 5 workers humming a certain Beatles tune!



PM Harper's performance is the talk of the town. What a perfect choice of song given our current political landscape. Oh, I cannot wait for Rex Murphy on the Thursday night CBC National program...his commentary will ROCK! (Ya, I am a Canadian Studies major, can you tell?!?!?!)

Now, wonder what PM Harper's encore will be????

At the next G8 meeting, Obama may win the congeniality award, but Harper may be crowned in the talent competition!!!

AH, Canadian politics!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My meals for the week come with pre-made photos!

Each week my parents have been residing at The Grimes Lodge - it is like a dorm for cancer patients while they are getting treatment. There is a little kitchenette where they can warm up foods. Since my mom cannot eat and there is no real cooling facilities, I have been trying to provide as many meals as possible.

So, each weekend I make a few meals for my family is an extra little to pass onto my dad! here is this week's menu:

Monday - Crock-pot steak with mushroom & mushroom sauce and cous cous and squash from our garden!

Tuesday - Tandoori chicken with mixed veggies and cous cous.

Wednesday is pizza night! Mommy has a 5:45 gym class and the boys have Beavers and Daddy has to rush home!
Thursday is yummy salmon loaf with grilled peppers and squash (the last one from our garden!).

Friday is kind of up in the air right now. We might go out for Pho soup?

This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving. Gotta finalize my plans...but it will involve turkey and stuffing and a pumpkin pie!!!

As for my other meals, I am tracking religiously. I am keeping within my points the best I can.

My breakfasts are going to include steel cut oats with PB and banana, or eggs with veggies and salsa or toast with apply butter. I am going to try my best to eat the bulk of my breakfast early, and then have a healthy mid-day snack.

My plans for lunch are pretty basic - mainly a salad with some sort of protein - tuna, chicken, tofu...something tasty, a bit of dressing and a fruit with yogurt.

I bought a huge bag of spinach to have afternoon green monsters - and I am loving a low-fat hot chocolate mix I got that is basically a point!

Last week I had a shock at the scales...SEVEN pounds LOST! Crazy, I know...but I think it all had to do with training and running for the half marathon! I am hoping for a loss this week... but if not, I will know that I have eaten healthy and within my points.

Check out more Menu Plan Monday entries at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

I did not get around to posting on Friday, but I cannot wait to tell you all about my new fitness program for October and November!!!!! Stay tuned!

Well, gotta run and get lunches made and kids into bed!

Peace out my dear Bloggy-friend! Sleep well!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

To worry a little less...

Can you believe it is now October? WOW! Time is flying.

I cannot believe that DJ has completed the first month of grade one! Honestly, I had been worried - oh, I wasn't worried he could not do it or that he would struggle - I knew deep down that he would do great! But, just the same, I worried.

I worried he would tire through the long, full day.
- He does come home a little tired, but seems to have adjusted to the full day quite easily.

Still, I worry.

I worried he would not like his teachers.
- Not only does he adore them all, but so do I!!!!

Still, I worry.

I was worried he would join the gang of trouble makers (they were identified in Junior Kindergarten...and well, they sure had an impact on DJ).
- Yes, he still considers one little (trouble-maker) boy his "best friend", but the teacher keeps the "4-Musketeers" separated and DJ is making new friends.

Still, I worry.

I was worried that he would struggle with the work load.
- Yes, DJ is a bit challenged with writing and fine-motor skills, but he is continually improving and not only have we, but also his teachers have seen a huge improvement. He has brought home more work and art in the last 15 school days than he did in ALL of J-K and S-K!!!!

Still, I worry.

I was worried DJ would be alone at recess.
Nope, he tells me wonderful stories of the fun he had during second recess with an ever-growing collection of names. First recess? Well, he has joined the school track team! The grade 3-6 track team practices every day, and well, my little grade 1 is the most eager of them all. The coach contacted me and is very supportive of DJ practicing with the team. In fact, I have registered him into a race in 2 weeks! He loves it!

Still, I worry.

Every Friday DJ comes home with his weekly portfolio. It is filled with work sheets, art work, exercises and notes. Every Friday I carefully examine each piece with great pride.

Still, I worry.

Then, this afternoon, I found this piece of work.

A smile came upon my face, from ear-to-ear.

A tear gathered in my eye and ran down my cheek.

My heart swelled with love, pride and wonder.

And I decided to try and worry a little less...