Friday, May 29, 2009

Give me a call!

On Saturday I will be doing my annual stint on the CHEO telethon. From 7pm to 9pm I man the phones, so, give a call!
We are all encouraged to bring photos and memorabilia of our experiences with CHEO. This is the collage I made this year.

CHEO saved my two little babies. Donate today (to CHEO or to your pediatric hospital) because you never know when you will need their help, care, love and support.

Thank you CHEO!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Country Crooner for CHEO

I am the mother of two beautiful "CHEO" children.

We are very fortunate to have the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa.

This amazing and wonderful hospital saved my eldest and my youngest children's lives. We will forever be grateful for the care and medial attention we got for both our children.

DJ had emergency surgery at 10 days old. We almost lost him. Multiple times. We still have yearly heart tests and specialist appointments.

Madigan was diagnosed with a sizable tumor even before she was born. She had surgery when she was 3 months old.

Today, at 3pm (est) we are participating in a local country station radio-a-thon. You can listen to our story online at

Even more importantly, please consider donating and helping CHEO help our children.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WW - Put me in coach, I wanna play!

What is Wordless Wednesday without a few words??!!!?!?!?!?!?

Last night was my first league game of the summer season.

Nothing could wipe the smile off my face!

Last year I almost quit the sport I love - but after an off-season of eating properly, taking care of myself and getting fit - I am ready to have fun again!

Last night was very rewarding, inspiring and motivating.
I have lost 81 pounds so far - only 19 pounds more to go!
I can do this. I will do this. I want to do this.
Yep, I am a contender in this weight loss game - and I am going to win!!!!

Put me in coach, I wanna play!

Oh! Ya, an extra bonus is that we won our soccer game last night!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To quote Sigmund Freud...

Verrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeey Interzessssting!

Below are the cheer posters my little people made me for my big race on Saturday.

Artist: Madigan, 27 months
According to the artist, Mommy is yellow and running fast. DJ is red, Anderson is blue, Daddy is green and Madigan is black. The route is clearly marked!
Artist: DJ, 5 years old
Mommy is wearing her race number. She is very fast. She is using her arm to push everyone out of the way so that she can win. Everyone in the race is kicking her and trying to push her down and make her loose.

Artist: Anderson, 4 years old
Daddy is on the far right. Mommy and Anderson are in the middle holding up the gold trophy for winning the race. Madigan is the tall, second figure from the left. She is saying, "Anderson", because she loves Anderson (note the "A" above her head). Great grandpa is standing on the far left. DJ is the little figure. He is just a baby and his arms and legs are broken. He only has one eye and one ear. He was too small to see Mommy win the race and he could not help Mommy hold the big golden trophy.

Oh, ya, Dr. Freud would have a field day with these drawings!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Started. Completed. Very Happy.

Yep, my title says it all!

The race was quite an experience. The number of runners simply CRAZY!
Tracy and I kept mainly to our race plan. The first 4km were slow due to the pack. The run between 4km and 7km flew by. The crowds were amazing!

I did great up to about 7km and then struggled a bit - then regrouped and headed down the back stretch. I seriously think that the distance between the 750m left sign and the 500m left sign was about 4.5km - seriously!!!!!

The home stretch!

My time was very respectable and I am very happy with it, especially with all the weaving and running around people - I really pushed it at the end and sprinted to the finish line!


Now, onto the half marathon!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

This week

This week has been long and tiring.

I started a post detailing my tri last week...but never completed or posted it.

I started a cute story about each of the kiddies...but never completed or posted it.

I started a heartfelt post about my weight loss journey and some of my current struggles...but never completed or posted it.

I started a post about my ambitious gardening adventure...but never completed or posted it.

I started a post about the wonderful wedding of two wonderful friends...but never completed or posted it.

I started a post on my first outdoor soccer game, the one where everyone sees the "new me" for the first time...but never completed or posted it.

I started a post on how much I hate my new work hours (3am-9am)...but never completed or posted it.

I started a post on how I now work a 7 hour shift on Saturdays, which now means by working early hours, six days a week, I am now working FULL time, BEFORE most people wake up - then I am home with the kiddies ALL DAY...but never completed or posted it.

I started a post on how I really need to catch up on the laundry and general household chores...but never completed or posted it.

Let's hope tomorrow, I start a post on how I STARTED and COMPLETED and SURVIVED a brilliant 10k race. Yep. Let's hope.

This week has been long and tiring.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I TRI'd my best!


I swam

and ran

away from old bad habits, emotional eating, over eating, poor lifestyle and

80 extra pounds...

...and I could not be more proud!

More details to follow!

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gunna give it a TRI

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

My first EVER triathlon!

OK - let's take a moment and think about this!

On August 17, 2009, I went to my doctor and complained that my weight was out of control. I told him I had just had the WORST summer soccer season of my life and just walking up two flights of stairs was starting to become a struggle.

Now, on May 16, 2009, I am going to attempt a triathlon. The course is 100m swim, 11.5km bike and 2km run. It is actually called a "Try a Tri". I am so excited! What a complete turn around! I am now fit, active and ready to celebrate my 82 pound weight loss by pushing myself and proving to myself that I AM WORTH IT! I am nervous, anxious and a bit scared...but hey, that's what it is all about!

Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bra shopping

Bra shopping ALWAYS goes better when..... allow the little people to wear costumes and promise ice cream!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The second most beautiful dress

"How about his one, Mommy?"

"No, DJ, Mommy does not like the sleeves on that dress."

"Mommy, this one is orange! That's my favorite colour and you would look beautiful in it!"

"No, Honey, that is a tank top, Mommy wants a nice dress for Beth and Marcel's wedding."

"OK. How about this one? Or this one?"

SILENCE for moment...then the LOUDEST most joy-filled SQUEAL one could imagine...

"Mommy, Mommy, come here, come here, I found the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful dress ever! (deep breath) Mommy, Mommy, come here, come here right now! I found the most perfect dress for you!"

I walk around the rack of summer cocktail dresses and there is DJ, standing in awe. Eyes wide, he is pointing to a, well, um, how to put this nicely, explosion of pink taffeta.

Oh yes! This dress would be any thirteen year old girl's image of the perfect pink princess dress. I could hardly tell where one ruffle ended and the next one started. The dainty spaghetti straps . The plunging neckline. The ruffles, on top of ruffles. The dark pink embroidery on the bubblegum pink taffeta. The puffy little train at the back. Oh! What a dress!

DJ was in awe.

"Mommy, you would look so beeeeeee-U-ti-ful in this dress. You would look like a princess!"

I nervously glance around - every customer and salesperson in the store are looking at us. Snickering. Chuckling. Pointing.

"That sure is a pretty pink dress DJ. I do not think they have my size."

"Oh they do Mommy, they do. They have a one-two, that makes twelve and they have a one-four, at that is fourteen. So, those are both your numbers Mommy." They DOOOOOOO have your size."

Snicker, snicker from the audience.

Please, someone, throw me a line! Please! Where are Stacey and Clinton when you need them?!?!?!

I clear my throat. Bite my lower lip and quickly looked for the nearest emergency exit! How do I get out of this one?!?!?!?!?!

"Umm...DJ, that dress IS very beautiful, maybe it is too beautiful. Remember when you were the ring bearer at Cousin Tara's wedding last summer? Who had the most beautiful dress of anyone?"

"Tegan. Tegan had the most beautiful dress ever!"

"Yes, the flower girl did have a pretty dress, but what lady had the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful dress of them all?"

"Cousin Tara????"

"That's right. Cousin Tara had the most beutiful dress - the bride always wears the most beautiful dress. So, if Mommy wore that dress to Liam's Mommy's wedding, then, well, everyone would be looking at Mommy, and not at the bride. That is not right! The bride has to wear the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful dress. I need to find one not so fancy.OK?"

"Oh. Is it a rule you cannot wear the prettiest dress, only the bride?"

"Um, yep, that is a wedding rule."


Suddenly everyone who had froze to see this situation unruffle, was in motion again. Most nodding their heads and smiling.

I picked out a few options. And herded DJ to the fitting room. As I passed a salesperson, she patted me on the back, smiled and whispered, "Well handled, Mommy, well handled!"

I tried on a few dresses. And other than my own wedding dress selection, this was one of the hardest dress selections I have ever made! You see, I no longer have to buy the one and only, frumpy dress that fits me. When I was heavier I had to settle. I bought what fit - not necessarily what I liked or wanted.

That has changed. In fact, now, I am, at times, overwhelmed by the selection. So much fits me now. Now, I can concentrate on styles, colours and patterns I like, and that sure feels great!

Here is me in the dress I finally decided on. It is black with white flowers. The body of the dress is slightly gathered and fitted. I think my new shoes and old shawl make the outfit.

It may not be the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful pink princess full length ball gown of ruffles - but it sure makes me feel like a princess...and my son thinks I will be wearing the second most beautiful dress at the wedding! So, I am feeling pretty good about this selection!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Telling time

I have to be at work at 3AM.

I usually wake up around 2:30AM and make a mad dash to the office.

I usually wake up on my own, before the alarm.

This morning I woke up, glanced at the clock: 2:28AM.

2 minutes before the alarm.

I gently asked David to turn off the alarm.

I got up.

I showered.

I did my hair.

I got dressed.

I grabbed my coat.

I glanced at the clock: 12:42AM.


Damit! I misread the clock!

Back to bed for less than 2 hours, and then off to work I went.

Yep. It is going to be a long, long, long day!

Just call me LOSER LAURA!!!!


Monday, May 11, 2009


Dear Mom,
For me, everyday is mother's day. Why? Because every single day I am thankful that you are my mother. Everyday I turn to you for support, advise and help: everyday you offer me endless support, advise and help. Not a day goes by that I do not admire, love and respect you. Not a day goes by that I do not hope to make you just a little more proud of me, as a daughter, as a mother and as a person. Every single day I ask myself how you would handle certain parenting challenges, and every day I model my parenting after how you have parented (and are parenting) me. Everyday I appreciate and cherish the wonderful mother-daughter relationship we have together. Yes, everyday is mother's day.

Dear Marlene,
Thank you for being such a great mom. Thank you for being you: caring, empathetic, loving, selfless, supportive and ever-giving. Thank you for raising a wonderful son who shares those qualities. Thank you for your love and support. You welcomed me into your family with open arms. Thank you for your friendship. I hope and pray I can be as good of a mom to my children, as you are to yours.

Dear David,
Happy mother's day to you! Yes, mother's day! It is because of you that I am a mother, so, THANK YOU! I had always wanted to have children, always knew I would have children, but never imagined it could be as wonderful as it is, and I know that is because you are the father of our children. You love, support, comfort and encourage me and it is because of you that I can be the mother that I am to our children. I love and respect you more each and everyday. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful that we met, fell in love, married, and started a family. You are a wonderful father and together, we make an amazing parenting team. Thank you for everything. BEAR!

To all my wonderful readers - I hope you had a wonderful and very special mother's day...I know I sure did!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spread your wings and fly!

Every year a mommy and daddy goose build a nest outside my hubby's window at work. On the roof of the walk way.

The hatching of the eggs becomes a spectator sport of sort! Employees from all over the campus make sure to wonder over to get an update, eat their lunch while nest watching and some even come to take photos.

As soon as hubby sees the little goslings, he always calls and we rush down to watch the little little, fluffy, waddling, toddling goslings take their first steps. It is quite a sight!

Soon after they are born, the goslings start following mommy and daddy around the roof top. It is so cute! This year we were in for a real treat!

This year we saw them fly (or belly flop!) for the first time. You see, within hours of cracking through their little eggshells, these little goslings follow mommy off the edge! Off the roof. The roof! As in two stories high!

First mommy started to pace along the edge of the roof. Squawking and twisting her head. It looked like she was actually giving each gosling instructions. Then after serious consideration, she found a spot on the edge she liked, and then walked to the edge and after a quick glance back at her new babies and hubby, she flew to the ground. Moments later, daddy did the same thing.

The goslings seemed a bit confused. We watched them waddle back and forth, and then start to climb up onto the ledge. Some would move to the edge and look down at their parents, right below them. But would chicken out and return to the group.

One little brave fellow walked to the edge, you could just see him contemplating what to do next - and then a sibling tried to jump onto the ledge, and in doing so, bumped into the first gosling, causing him to go off the edge! With a belly-flop landing, he recovered and joined his parents in encouraging the rest of his family.

One by one they each started to follow. It was amazing to see. These little goslings, just hours old, trusting their parents, following their parents and spreading their wings for the first time.

Every little "chickie" needs to fly the coop one day.

Today, I registered Madigan for a preschool program next September. I sure do feel like that mamma goose...hoovering, worrying, coaching, instructing and encouraging. In September, my little "chickie" will be spreading her wings...I will be happy and excited for her, especially in September, but for now, I am sad! My little girl is growing up and spreading her wings.

I think I need a drink...Madigan, can I have a sip of your wine?

(You are growing up way too fast, my little girl, way to fast!)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Powerful Apple Ducklings

DJ and Ander have a bake sale this week for school Since it is national peace week and the school is celebrating multiculturalism, each child is asked to bring in a bake good that reflects their heritage or country of origin.

DJ suggested he make "the special apple pie-cake that Pepe's mommy taught him to make".

Translation: "Meme's Apple Dumplings"

DJ called my father to discuss the recipe for "Apple Ducklings" . We needed to confirm if doubling the recipe would be enough to make 6 small flats of this yummy, tasty, French-Canadian treat.

So, after a wonderfully cute conversation between grandson and grandfather, DJ was all set to

start baking.

I pulled out all the needed ingredients and realized I was short 2 items. I told DJ we would pick up the items when w went out for the afternoon.

Daddy walked into the kitchen and asked what we were planning to bake - totally oblivious to the morning recipe hunt.

DJ replied," Daddy, we are making Apple Ducklings, but we need to buy some shorteners and some baking power - to make them strong and good like Pepe makes."

MMMmmmmmmm powerful apple ducklings - YUMMY!