Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gift Horse Post Removed

For those of you who use Google Reader, or anything similar, I apologize if you clicked over to the Fringe to read my post entitled, "Gift Horse".

I wrote that post at 2AM...I was a bit ticked off...now, after some thought, I have decided not to look a particular gift horse in the mouth...so...I deleted the original post - and will post again later!

Have a great day!!!!


Family Adventure said...

Heh, Laura! I read that post this morning (here in Norway), and actually wondered if you'd delete it. FWIW, I can see why you'd be upset on behalf of your children, but you were also so aware that the other party involved meant no harm. Sometimes, disappointments just cannot be avoided, I guess :)

Hugs to you - Heidi

PS: I have done the same in the past - written a venting post, only to take it down as soon as I put it up there!

Laura said...

Laura, thanks for coming by my T13! I have BlogLog...you can go see my "recent visitors" widget which is from BlogLog...they also provide information about #s of visitors, where them come from, and where they go. Hope that helps!

Oh, and this missing post? I can understand...though I did NOT read it...I have done the same thing!