Sunday, September 28, 2008

Allergies in Church

I was standing in our pew, signing along with the choir and simply enjoying the mass.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see the Sunday school teacher. Oh Oh. What boy did what?!?!?!?

Excuse me Laura, does DJ have any allergies? We are giving the kids a little snack and I noticed his medical alert bracelet. I asked him if he had any allergies and he said YES.

Ummmm. No. DJ does not have any allergies.

Ok, great. Um. When I asked him what he was allergic to, he replied WORK.

Yep. That he is. That. He. Is.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The hardest part...

The hardest part for me, while on a liquid diet, is NOT making and preparing meals for my family. It is NOT the smell of delicious food cooking. It is not even watching others eat.

The hardest part for me, while on a liquid diet, is CLEANING up dinner dishes...from the meal I made, but did NOT eat, since you know, I am on a liquid diet.

ERRRRrrrrrr. That is the hardest part!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Liquid Lessons

I have been on a liquid diet for 9 days. Things are going great! I cannot believe it! I am not hungry, I am motivated, positive and starting to see the results.

I had my weekly meeting on Tuesday night. It was very interesting to hear how others are doing with this program, especially since this was our first week.

Again this week we discussed having and getting support - now, while on program, later when we transition back to food, and even further down the line as we implement and live healthy active lives after weight loss.

A main topic has been the benefits of keeping a journal. How important it is to keep both a food journal and a journal of your thoughts, concerns, struggles and successes.

That got me thinking about my blog - or more importantly, all the wonderful people who read and comment on my blog. I wish I could reply to each and every one of you - I would tell you how much your words of encouragement, your support, your suggestions and your humour really help me. It is a bit over whelming - it means so very much to me to have such wonderful blog-friends. THANK YOU.

Now, for a few liquid lessons for this week:

  1. They were right, once in a state of ketosis you do not feed hungry.
  2. I do not need to sample or taste food I am preparing.
  3. My body does not need tons and tons of calories to function - with proper nutrient my energy, mood and body can be fueled with much less than I was accustomed to consuming.
  4. Sleep is wonderful. Since going on the 900 calorie shake diet, and evenly spreading my consumption through the day I have been sleeping better.
  5. Pounds lost is not the only indicator that this program is working - look at the positive impact it has had on my mood, my sleep, my activity level, my patience level and my belief in myself.

These five lessons speak louder than any number on the scale.

That said - the number on the scale did go down. As anticipated, at first I was a bit disappointed in the amount lost - but once people helped me put it into perspective, I am very proud. What is more, is that I am starting to look more at the long term results and lessons learned, not just the pounds.

According to the doctor, based on "my cycle" my weight loss was good this week. He did indicate that my results showed a much higher volume of water in my system. No shit Sherlock! I am drinking a bloody gazillion glasses of water like YOU suggested!

According to my hubby, I powered through the week, avoiding temptation or battling through temptation. He also reminded me that I had cut down my exercise level in order for my body to get adjust to the lower calorie intake. David also mentioned that he can see and feel (YA Baby!) a difference in me! Best of all - he is soooooo proud of me!

According to DJ and Anderson our afternoon walks to the park instead of quiet time in front of the computer or TV are much more fun!

According to Madigan my boobies are "broke" and a bit engorged from not breastfeeding. So, that must add to my bulk!

According to the scale I lost just under 4 pounds - that sounds better than 3.65 pounds.

According to my calculations, since the start of this program I have lost just over 12 pounds.

Ya for me!

This week the plan is to increase my exercise and continue to rock at sticking to program.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 6 or Day 19

Well, it is Day 6 or Day 19 of my weight loss program. Day 19 since I started the Core Program at the Ottawa Hospital and day 6 since I have been on their liquid diet.

For 6 days now I have only had 4 Optifast shakes and no real food.

It has been going great!

To read more about my last 6 days - click HERE.

Tomorrow is my weekly group meeting and wiegh-in - wish me luck!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

God Help Me

Is it wrong that during the prayer/song section at church this morning I PRAYED the lady behind me would stop singing. Seriously. I know you should never be judgemental - especially not INSIDE the house of the Lord. But seriously, her signing was hurting my ears. My God woman, tone it down a bit!

I think I am going to hell for sure...God help me!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shake Rattle and Roll...I mean Loose!

Well, I made it through day one and now, I am on my second day of the medically supervised liquid diet.

So far so good.

Let's back track a bit.

The group meeting on Tuesday went well. The behaviour specialist spoke about defining goals and establishing a support team around you. We also talked about the tips to lifestyle change and goal setting.

We also discussed three key tips for lifestyle change. That is what my program is all about. Yes, it is a weight loss program, but the key is really education and skill to lead a better life that includes proper food and exercise choices.
  1. A goal is what you WANT to achieve -- habits are not broken, but replaced
  2. Identify the negative thoughts you have while over eating -- set yourself up for support
  3. Shed the shame -- be proactive
When setting any type of goal it is important to be SMART, this is especially true in terms of weight loss journeys.

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Realistic
T - Timeline specific
She stressed that goals can be re-visited and revised throughout your journey and to never feel threatened or overwhelmed by the goals you set. A SMART goal allows you to be challenged, to improve, to grow, but to also accomplish what you set out to do in the first place.
My goals include:
  1. Loose 10% of my weight by Thanksgiving. Studies show that a 10% decrease in your weight will greatly improve your health and will reduce many health concerns.
  2. Keep on plan for the 12 weeks. I think this is attainable. I am determined to make this program work.

During the time between my intake interview/medical tests and the actual start of the core program I remained focused. I am able to brag that between September 5 and September 16 I followed the eating plan I was given and I increased my level of activity. WHAM-OO! 8 pounds shed. I am so happy. So. Happy.

I kept a food diary and really tried to make good decisions. I am super pleased with my hard work. I tried very hard to stay within their 1200 calorie diet - though I did go over a few times. I was amazed at a few things:

  1. How little water I was consuming before the program. Water is essential. I feel so much better just by increasing my water intake.
  2. My portions had exploded. I had lost control of what, why and when I was eating. Keeping a journal really helped me.
  3. How well I do with a little accountability - competition. I was determined not to fail.

I believe that I will always have to rely on a food journal, even after the program is done.

So, at the meeting on Tuesday I was given my "product". Now, for 12 weeks I will not eat anything - only drink the Optifast formula they gave me and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of water.

It is very important to only have the shakes and no additional calories. The shakes are designed to give you all the stuff your body needs, but to also put your body into a state of ketosis. Apparently, at this point you should not feel hungry and your body will be saving your lean muscle mass and burning your stored fat.

Well, I am mid way through day two and things are going well. If anyone would have said I would try a liquid diet, let alone, not mind it, I would have laughed in their face! But, things are going pretty good.

I am drinking huge amounts of water...and peeing like crazy, but that is suppose to wash your system out. It seems to be working!

So, thus begins my journey.

I do not own a scale and will not be buying one - so results and weigh ins will only happen at my group meetings on Tuesday nights. So, till then, please keep cheering me on!

Poor Madigan...the doctor told me that breastfeeding is not no more boobie for her!

Wordless Wednesday - Week 2

Monday, September 15, 2008

Notice Given

The last few days have been raining and miserable. In the afternoon, while the baby sleeps the boys and I have either been playing board games or watching movies.

To watch today's movie I was laying on my side on the floor. DJ nestled up in front of me and was using me as a pillow, his head resting on my mid-section. Anderson laid down in line with me and rested his head on my butt. It was fun, cuddly and a special way to watch a movie with my special boys.


DJ looks up at me and says, "Mom, I love your belly, it makes a nice comfy pillow!"

Anderson then rings in with, " And I like your butt!"

Watch out kids, over the next year those fluffy, cushy pillow-like body parts will be transformed!

Notice given!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Come on people!

Come on people!

If you see this sign while driving it means that the left lane is ending. ENDING. Merge to the right. Get over. Just do it. DO.IT.

Come on people!

If you do not merge early, then you will create a traffic jam. A traffic jam.

If you insist on staying in the ending lane, then you deserve all the swearing, name calling and gesturing people like me can throw your way. And many of us usually considerate drivers will not let you in if you missed an eary opportunity to merge.

Come on people!

Ottawa is not Toronto. The 417 is not the 401. Traffic Just. Do. It.

Come on people!

My drive to work on a Sunday afternoon should take less than 10 minutes...not 55!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Adieu to Outdoor Soccer Season

Just had to share - I play goal for the Centennials - we play in the over 30 Women's Soccer League. We had a great season.

The team is a wonderful group of talented, skilled, fun, fabulous women. What a great season we had - 11 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties - with 64 goals for and only 12 against --- we tied for first!

I am looking forward to my indoor season - but even more so, I am looking forward to next outdoor season when I am thinner, faster, fitter and happier!

Go Cens Go!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week One - A Good Start

On Tuesday I attended the first group meeting of my Weight Management/Loss Program. I was very nervous walking into the room. I had no idea what to expect.

The leaders seem very nice and knowledgeable. In fact, the behaviour specialist works at the children's hospital and we met her when DJ was in NICU back in 2003.

The group is larger (haa haa, in more ways than one!) than I had imagined. There are about 20 of us. We all have varying amounts of weight to loose and have all come for different reasons. I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know my fellow "loosers".

I am pretty pleased with myself. Between my personal session and the group session no expectations were given. I decided I could lament food and bid farewell to my favorite foods by binging and eating everything "one-last-time", or I could show reserve and take one step closer to being in control. I took the second route - though I did enjoy a wonderful steak dinner with all the trimmings last Saturday and a large margarita! I am pleased that during my last "non-monitored" week I actually lost 3 pounds.

This week I am working on a 1200 calorie diet. They gave us some great menus and suggestions, so, I am hoping to be successful this week as well. I got a bit of a kick start when I woke up with the stomach flu on Wednesday. I am hoping to be back on food soon...and I have promised myself to stick to plan.

Here begins my journey to a healthier and happier person.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not good, not good at all!

Shortly after midnight DJ got so many germies he could not keep them in....then shortly after 2am (once hubby and I cleaned everything up) my germies exploded too...not good, not good at all.

The germies are out to get us here on the Fringe...please send healthy, positive vibes. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getitng Rid of Germs

On Sunday evening Anderson was not feeling well and vomited. YUK!

He innocently looked at his mess and declared, "I had so many germies that they came out of my mouth!"

Later that evening he vomited again and declared, " My germies just won't stay inside me and now they are all over me!"

Poor little man. He is feeling better now - thankfully.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Loosing the Fringe - I will do it!

Well, I did it. Remember this post?

Well, I completed all my tests, got my blood work done and ECG - and was accepted into the Weight Management Program at our local hospital. I signed the contract and even gave in my first payment. It is real. I am doing this. I am taking control.

I have huge mixed emotions about the entire program. It is an extreme program, but I truly believe I need an extreme solution for my extreme weight condition. Some people may find it controversal, but after working with my family doctor and researching lots of different options and programs I think this is the program for me.

As I am getting ready physically, mentally and psychologically for the program, I am a ball of emotioons! I am terrified of failure - and optimistic about success. I am nervous, but also excited - at the same time, in the same breath!

I will blog more as I learn more about the program itself. But I have been reading the introduction package and going through the pre-program activities. Here are the basics:

Basically for the first week I have to follow a 1200 calorie diet. That in itself will be challenging.

Then, for weeks 2-12 I follow a liquid diet. Yep, for 12 weeks I will not eat real food. During those 12 weeks I attend weekly sessions and re-learn all about food and the relationship I have with food. I will develop the knowledge, tools and ability to eat properly and in moderation. I will learn about why I over eat and how I can over come my emotional eating. I will develop a positive relationship with food and a new appreciation for my body. This will be done through group and personal sessions with a team of professionals including a MD, a behaviourist specialist, a nutritionist, a psychologist, a homeopathic doctor, a trainer, and a variety of others.

Then, when I am ready, I will slowly re-introduce food into my diet. Learning the right combinations and amounts to make my body and mind function to the best degree. As the weight drops I will also focus on increasing my activity levels - I am so looking forward to my indoor soccer league and also continuing with my Cardio-Blast classes, plus introducing nightly walks.

So, on Tuesday I start this journey. I will be blogging about it here, and also at Our BlubHer Overhaul and I hope for your support. I know that I will feed off your comments and words of encouragement (pun intended).

I have confidence in this program, in the professionals available to help me, but most importantly, I have confidence in myself, and in my support group. Loosing this extra weight, gaining control of my health and rediscovering who I am will not be easy. But, I need to do it. I want to do it. I have to do it. I will do it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Junior Kindergarten

Ander-Pander Bear,

Today you start Junior Kindergarten. WOW. I can hardly believe it! But at the same time, you are so ready for this new, wonderful challenge.

It seems like just yesterday you surprised us with your early arrival. Or wowed us with your first smile, giggle and coo. Or took your first steps, spoke your first words. You seem so grown up today.

You are a wonderful, witty, funny, smart, friendly, charismatic little monkey who will do GREAT at school.

I will miss our mornings together - but cannot wait to hear all your school tales. To see you shake with excitement, hear the song in your voice as you tell me all the fun stories of being a Junior Bunny and see the glee in your beautiful brown eyes.

May you marvel at the wonder of the world around you. Soak in all wonderful lessons school and life have to offer. May you always feel the love and support of your family and friends as you embark on your quest of knowledge and learning. I hope you continue to love letters, words and reading. I know that you will love the arts and crafts and preforming arts offered in school. I can only imagine your excitement when you realize you get to use your OWN computer at school. May you always have that drive and desire to learn and grow that you have now. You are going to love school, I just know it.
Be yourself. Enjoy yourself. Challenge yourself. Be proud of yourself.

I love you so very much. I cannot wait to share in this new experience with you.

Happy first day of school Anderson.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Senior Bunny

Today DJ started Senior Kindergarten...and loved it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Boys Will be Boys

At our pool party on Labour Day the Dads got into a bit of a competition...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loosing the Fringe

Just the other day I posted about my new journey to better health and weight loss.

Imagine my surprise when Mrs. Schmitty, over at It's A Schnitty Life (LOVE, absolutely L-O-V-E her blog!) asked the question " Who Wants to Loose Some Weight?" and announced an awesome new site: Our Blubher Overhaul.

I am sooooooo into participating...what a wonderful avenue for support, encouragement, possibly a few tears, but always a lot of bloggy-love.

Loosing weight is hard...but a wonderful network of friends, all trying to do the same can only make it easier! Yet another reason for me (and others) to LOVE blogging!!!!

Wanna join?!?!? Hope so! Click here!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Now Preforming at a Day Camp Near You!

Remember this post???

DJ has taken his show on the road. On Friday he Preformed at the Winner's Day Camp stop, Just For Laughs and Comedy Central!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labour Day!