Monday, August 18, 2008

Whirl Wind Wedding Weekend

Well, we have returned home from our whirl-wind wedding weekend! It was GREAT! We left Anderson and Madigan at my parent's house and headed to Burlington Ontario for David's cousin's wedding. DJ was asked to be the ring bearer.

Here is a photo summary of a few of the gazillion highlights!

We arrived in Burlington after a long 6 hour drive. DJ was a bit tired and a little unsure of everything. Personally, I left the rehearsal a bit nervous on how DJ would do at the wedding. But, luckily, all my worry was put to rest at the rehearsal dinner. DJ fell in love with the flower girl and quickly became best buds with the groomsmen. Here are two shots of the rehearsal.

We spent Friday sight seeing in Toronto. We walked around the CN Tower and visited the CBC Museum. CBC is the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. The three generations, of Davids even got to accept Olympic medals!

The highlight of our day in Toronto was dinner at the Medieval Times. It was AMAZING! DJ loves horses and we thought this may excite him...that is an understatement! We all enjoyed the show. There were handsome knights, amazing horses, sword fights and jousting. The food was amazing and the show spectacular!

Saturday was the big day! I think I was more stressed and worried about DJ being a ring bearer than I was when I was getting married! Plus, I think the actual day was more hectic than my own wedding day was!!! DJ had to be ready for 1030am for photos. When he had his tux on, well, my heart almost burst. He looked so handsome! Then we returned to the hotel for lunch and a quick swim and then headed to the church. We got caught in a traffic jam...and were almost late for the wedding!

DJ did AMAZING. He did everything that was asked of him, and then some!

After he stood and presented the rings to be blessed, he wondered from his front seat pew and came to us (um, remember we got there late? Well, we were way in the corner - so, DJ crawled on the pews around people to get to us!) When I asked him what was wrong, he loudly explained, "He took the rings. I am all done being a ring bearer!" We shooed him back to his seat. Where he amused everyone around him by playing with the silk pillow like a yo yo. The bride's mother later commented that she was bawling her eyes out over the vows, and then glanced over to see DJ playing and she started to giggle...and could not stop! So, DJ did a great job and even added some comic relief!

DJ fell in love with Teagan. After the ceremony the two of them sat in the back row of the Hummer Limo (that sat 21!) and were too cute for words! During the out door photos the kids played int he gardens and had a blast!

I was so focused on my handsome little guy I kept forgetting there was a wedding taking place around us! I think I took 12 photos of DJ for every photo I took of the lovely bride! I took over 350 photos throughout the weekend! Cannot wait to scrapbook this event!

At the reception, DJ was in top form. He was constantly entertaining everyone. During the first dance they had a bubble machine...yep, you guessed it - DJ started chasing and clapping at all the bubbles...everyone was laughing and clapping! I have so many funny stories to share!

All night long DJ danced and had a great time. At 12:45am we carried him screaming and crying out of the reception...he wanted to stay and dance more...he was asleep before David drove out of the parking lot!

It was a fabulous weekend! One I will remember for a long, long time, and I hope that DJ will remember it.

Congratulations to Tara and Chris...may you have a life long romance together. Best wishes!

BTW - my Google Reader is now into triple digits...and I so desperately want to read all the wonderful posts my wonderful blogging friends have had over the last few days...but sadly, I have no time. My in-laws are in town for another week and I am working extended hours this week since I have live-in sitters! I promise to read as many as I can and leave as many comments as I can...I have missed you all!


Melissa said...

How adorable is he in his little tux! I'm glad y'all had a fun time!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm so glad that he did such a great job and had a great job! What a good little entertainer he is!

A Buns Life said...

He looked so handsome!!

Kathryn said...

Look at him in his tux! So cute!!!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Looks like such a beautiful wedding! and your little man is terribly handsome, I can just see him entertaining one and all with his antics.
Hope you are all well and happy,

forgetfulone said...

The pictures are all beautiful! What a handsome young man! I really enjoyed this post.

Karen said...

Hi there! I haven't stopped by in ages! It's been waaayyy too long. I have to say I loved this post, the Madigan peeing post (that was a real LOL), and the wedding present you made is GORGEOUS!!! And the pictures from your own wedding were so lovely. That smile on your face is so wonderful, it really lifted my spirits. Those wedding pics were so beautiful (and not just 'cause the bride was sizzlin').
Hope you're doing well. Best wishes,

Anabella said...

What a nice time you all had...He looks like a little man in the tux...Cutie Pie...

Tara R. said...

Such a handsome young man, and a chick magnet... nice!

Anonymous said...

Eh, just mark all as read. You deserve it after such a hectic weekend.

Kellan said...

It looks like CJ did a great job and he looks just adorable. The wedding looks very beautiful too and that dinner looks like a lot of fun. Glad you all had a good time and took so many great pictures. Take care - see you soon - Kellan

Janet said...

Hey! Burlington is my home town. And that church looks eerily like the one I got married in. Was it Catholic?

It sounds like your little guy did a great job.