Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am taking a cue from In the Gutter. This wonderful blogger-super woman brought up the idea of a Thankful Journal in a recent post. What a great, today's post from the Fringe will feature a few things of which I am thankful.

Then, taking a cue from the ever-funny, insightful and most wonderful Kellan from On The Upside, I am going to also look at some of the challenges facing our household with a more positive attitude.

(I LOVE both the above mentioned blogs and I encourage you all to go visit these wonderful ladies!)

Here are a few of the things I am most thankful for:

1) I am very thankful that Wednesday went much better than Stinky Tuesday. And the upside is that all the laundry is completely done, folded and put away!

2) I am thankful that Madigan is no longer Red Handed. It took 2 face cloth scrub downs, 4 baths, 5 sleeps and one good swim in a pool to remove all - well most - of the red food colouring. There is still small traces in the bed of her finger nails and a faint smear of red in the bends of her elbows. On the upside, we now know how long red food colouring stains the skin and that it is not toxic!

3) I am thankful that DJ's fingers have gone from "Really Good" to not bad. Both fingers remained swollen for a couple of days and both finger nails turned purple and blue. His one finger nail has fallen and the other will probably follow suit. The upside is that I finally got off my butt and sent in the forms to get replacement medical alert bracelets for him! And another upside is that Mommy's hugs and love are still the best medicine.

4) I am super thankful that Susan's biopsy on her Left Boob came back clear. Sadly, we have not gotten together to share a drink and toast this good news. On the upside, when we do get together it will be a GREAT celebration. Sue - let me know when we can do this!!!

5) I am super thankful that my Mom and Dad have offered to babysit Madigan and Anderson for 4 days in August so that Hubby and I can attend Tara's wedding where DJ will get to wear his Handsome Tattoo. On the upside - well...the only downside is that my parents will not be attending the wedding of the century - on the selfish side of things, there are ONLY upsides to this arrangement!

6) And finally - I am very thankful for two awards I have been given. I love bloggy-awards and bloggy-love! It amazes me that there are people out there reading my little blog and enjoying it. I really think that is cool. I am so addicted to blogging now, and it is all about meeting new people, sharing and caring together as we maneuver through our crazy, hectic lives.

The wonderful Melissa, over at Hope for the Hopeless sent me this wonderful award:

(Melissa, sorry for the delay in posting this...I really appreciate you thoughtfulness.)

And the brilliant blogger Forgetfulone sent me this cool award:

Thank you so very very much!

With all awards, the upside is that wonderful feeling you get when you receive one...and the great feeling you get when you send one out!

So, I would like to the "LOVE YOU THIS MUCH" award to Heidi from Viking Conquest. I love her blog and am wishing her a wonderful WELCOME HOME. I am looking forward to her new take on life in Canada now that her adventure is completed.
And, not a day does not go by that I do not go to check what Kristen is blogging about - she truly is a Mighty Morphin' Mama! Her musings definitely make my day!
And you know what? You all make my day - I am truly thankful to all of you who read, comment, lurk and support me. Feel free to grab the award of your choice and display it with pride!
I truly am thankful.


imbeingheldhostage said...

Thank you. I'm honored to be linked to a lovely post! I'm thankful for all of the cool people I have met out here and have a glimpse into their lives. Thank you, Laura!

Kathryn said...

Many things to be thankful for, indeed! Glad everything is looking a little brighter (and cleaner) than yesterday.
Congrats on your awards!

Kellan said...

I loved all your "upsides" (That "upside" comes in handy sometimes, doesn't it - thanks for mentioning me in such a nice way!) - you have so much to be thankful for and listed all those things so wonderfully. Also - Congrats on the great awards - way to go!

Take care and I'll see you soon - Kellan

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I love your thankful post. Thank you for the lovely honour. You make my days too, I love to come and visit here.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

so many things to be happy and thankful for... espesally blogging awards!!!

Tara R. said...

Have fun at the wedding (I'm bias on this one since I share the bride's name). Enjoy your grown-up night out.

OHmommy said...

So many things to be thankful for. Isn;t this a wonderful community?

Congrats on your awards.

Janet said...

Four days?!!! Sounds like fun. Enjoy!

Pregnantly Plump said...

What a great list! And a wonderful idea. Glad DJ's fingers are better, (I retold that story to my husband and got emotional just talking about it) and that the red stains are almost completely gone!