Monday, January 14, 2008

Crabs - the best birth control method

Amanda at Shamelessly Sassy wrote a post about a woman in labour going through drive through DEMANDING a Big Mac. I thought it was hilarious...then I remembered my own food craving during labour and how we scared the crap (or crab) out of a bunch of young servers!

On December 9, 2003 at exactly 7:16 in the morning my water broke. I calmly woke my husband, who had slept through the alarm. After much discussion, I convinced David to head off to work. I would call when things started. I would later find out how stressful that day was for David. Every phone call - to anyone in the entire company - made his heart rate rise and made him run to his phone. He was so worried and anxious and excited. I, on the other hand was calm. I played on the computer, sent emails to all my friends, watched TV, baked four batches of cookies, three tuna casseroles, and a lasagna. I also rearranged the baby's closet and dresser drawers. All by 10 in the morning. And nothing "started".

I consciously decided not to call David unless something did start. So, I continued with my day. David called at 11 (the first of nine calls through the day!)and asked how "we" were doing. I told him fine and that I was just starting to feel a bit of cramping. I told him our doctor gave me the OK to stay home and that he assured me that eventually something would happen!

The day went by and all I had was some cramping and aches and pains starting.

David got home from work - a bit earlier than normal - and by then I was feeling things a bit more - but nothing serious yet!

I spoke to my parents and inlaws to tell them a baby was on it's way - the conversation with my mom deserves it's own post - stay tuned!

David was about to dive into one of the many dishes I had made when I told him nope...our life is about to change, we may never see the inside of a restaurant again! So, reluctantly, he agreed we could go out to eat! I decided that I wanted Red Lobster.

So off we went to Red Lobster.

A nice young waitress greeted us and took our order. I was going all out! Yummy crab & lobster dip as an appetizer, Cesar salad, and the large broiled platter that came with crab legs, lobster tail, shrimps and more! Yummy!

The waitress brought out our appetizers. As she placed them down I nodded at David. He quickly glanced at his watch. I nodded again:he glanced at his watch. We chatted and talked about the little baby we would soon have. Mid-sentence I would nod and David would glance at the watch, and so it went.

When the waitress brought us our salads she looked a bit perturbed. And in a snarky teenager voice said,"If you are in a hurry you should have said so, I can get your meals right away."

We assured her we were not in a hurry. She made the ever-classic, teenage face for WHAT-EVVVVER! So, I asked her why she thought we were in a hurry. And she explained that we looked rushed and that we kept looking at our watch. Then she went on how it is not her fault if the kitchen is slow. I started to laugh. My husband explained that I was in labour and that he was timing my contractions. Her mouth dropped. "You are like having a baby?". Yep.

You should have seen her scamper away!

As I took a bit of my salad, David chuckled and motioned towards the bar behind me. I looked back. There, leaning around the corner was every member of the waitstaff and bar staff. You could just see the look of panic on our waitress' face as she pointed us out to everyone!

David and I thought this was pretty funny. And never to miss the opportunity to have some fun, I leaned over to David and assured him what I was about to do was not real.

I then dropped my fork. Clutched my tummy. Let out a gasp and a moan and scrunched up my face.

You should have seen the waitstaff scatter! It was classic.

Within seconds our meals arrived, the waitress avoiding eye contact! David and I enjoyed our last dinner as a couple, before becoming a family!

Jump ahead almost a year. Yet again my water broke early in the morning. Yet again nothing happened right away. So, keeping to tradition, that evening, my husband and I, with our 11 month old, headed to Red Lobster for dinner!

Jump ahead two years - yep, you guessed it! My water broke early in the morning. First thing out of my mouth to my hubby was, "It's time, time for Red Lobster!" Unfortunately, due to possible baby health concerns we had to rush to the hospital, instead of Red Lobster. But David promised me my traditional sea food meal. So, that evening, after the baby was born, he actually suggested he get take out for us to share in the hospital. Sadly, I was not up to it. But, to keep with tradition, when Madigan was only a week old, we all went out for Red Lobster!

I guess in retrospect, I can relate to the new mom-to-be in Amanda's post!

How about you? Did you have any cravings or interesting food demands in the throws of labour?


Pregnantly Plump said...

I was in labor the entire day before Little Elvis was born. The contractions began at about 4 in the morning, but didn't get really bad until about 6 that evening. Since it was a Saturday, my husband, mom and I went shopping at Marshalls -- my husband following me around and writing down each contraction, and then we went to the Noodle Company. It was a pleasant day, until the pain started.

amanda said...

hahaha. I loved it. Particularly the title! :)

Don Mills Diva said...

That was a hilarious post and very different from what I thought it would be considering the title!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post, such a great, great story!! Good for you, for making a trip to the Lob before baby arrived. I wish I had the time, my water broke, and the only thing I craved was pain meds, as baby came an hour after my water broke, right after they laid me down in the bed.

Amy W said...

I was induced both times early in the morning, so I didn't have any cravings.

But after pushing for three hours and not having eaten all day with my oldest, a friend went and picked me up McDonald's. That was the BEST McDonalds I have had in my life....

And now? I really, really want Red Lobster!!

Emily said...

I had contractions every night for two weeks, so we figured, what the heck, this probably isn't it either. And went out for fondue. We had a similar conversation with our waitress.

Fondue? Much nicer going down than coming up five hours later in the hospital.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

What a terrific story! Love! I was induced all 5 times and had no opportunity for a fun meal. Darn!
Maybe this time...

Tot's Mom said...

No, no cravings for me. And I don't think I can be as calm as you did and still enjoy a seafood meal knowing my baby is on his way! :)

InTheFastLane said...

twice I labored mostly in the hospital. But with #2 I had been having contractions for weeks and didn't think they were real, but the Mr. made me call and the nurse made me come in. I so thought, that they were going to send us home and I was hungry so I told the Mr. that we could go to Taco Bell on the way home. I never got my Taco Bell, and I was pretty ticked about that at the time. Now, I can hardly eat the stuff :)

Kathryn said...

That is hilarious! You are too funny! I love that you had so much fun teasing your waitress. That is classic!
No strange food cravings here.

~melinda~ said...

that's awesome! you are a brave soul. my mind during labor (sorry if this is tmi!) was was to complete starve myself of any caloric intake that might have to find its way out of my body during birth!

that's a great story.

Lainey-Paney said...

I went in for an induction, so I was not allowed to eat since the midnight before. I was in there for like 17 hours before Gage arrived by c-section. So, I was just HUNGRY. I would have eaten anything!!!!!!

Barrie said...

Does Red Lobster know this tradition? I wonder if they have a company newsletter. This would make a great article. :)