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Scrolling Saturday - Celebrating Life

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Two days this week DJ did not want to go to school. He told me he was scared and that there were bad people at school. He told me elaborate stories of big kids and bad adults terrorizing the school and him. He was visibly shaken and asked if his teacher would help him if there was trouble. I replied that yes, his teacher is always there and if he ever has any problems she will help him for sure. He then asked if I would come rescue him if he needed me. I replied yes. I told him that I would call his teacher while he took the bus to school and make sure she knew to look out for the bad people. And then I took a scrap piece of paper and drew a big heart, wrote Mommy loves DJ and then our phone number. I read the note to DJ (we are working hard at memorizing our phone number) and he recognized the numbers. He was relived and I assured him that he could call me from school and I would come. I told him I loved him and would always be there for him - no matter what.

I spoke to the teacher - she has seen no bully behaviour. She assured me that DJ gets along with all the children in the class. She indicated that the during outside play the boys have been playing super heroes and bad guys. Perhaps this is clouding reality for my little 4 year old?

Whatever the reason for DJ's fear - I, as his mother want him to feel secure, happy and confident. I do not want him to be afraid, intimidated or hurt. My job is to protect him - I embrace my job - I love my job...but now that DJ is getting old and exploring this world more and more on his own, the realization that I cannot protect DJ, or any of my kids from all bumps, bruises, problems, challenges and pain they will face throughout their life. It is a difficult realization - since till the day I die, I will always try my best to protect them.

I posted this on Monday, September 17, 2007 and it speaks of this need to protect our kids.

As a side bar - we did make cookies and we brought them over to Lois-Anne that afternoon. She was so appreciative.

Celebrating a Life

We have lived in our house for almost 4 years. It is a wonderful little neighbourhood, we really like living here. There are two main types of households - there are the home owners who were the original owners from 38 years ago, and then the new, young family households.

Right from the beginning our next door neighbours made us feel welcomed. Donnie and Lois-Anne are elderly sisters. Since before we moved in Donnie's health had been failing.

She died yesterday.

She had been house-ridden. Lois-Anne took care of her sister in the big house they shared.

We did not really know Donnie very well. We introduced ourselves when we moved in. After the birth of each child we would make a short visit. Our Trick or Treat Route always started at Donnie and Lois-Anne's house. Every Christmas we would exchange small gifts - the boys would make cookies or crafts and in return would receive a new stuffed animal.

The boys love visiting with the sisters. Whenever they see Lois-Anne in her drive they have to go chat with her and always ask how Donnie is doing. They have also become friends with Donnie's daily care giver. Waving at her when she arrives each day and chatting her ear off if they ever cornered her in the driveway.

I am saddened by Donnie's passing. My sympathies and love go to Lois-Anne who cared so wonderfully for her frail sister. I am sure that Donnie is at peace and now in a better place.

I am not struggling to accept Donnie's passing - I am struggling with new realization that I cannot shield my children from heartache. I am struggling with the fact that as life goes on there will challenges, and painful times for my sweethearts. Right now life is all play and fun.

As a mother, I pray and hope that I can always find the words and the ways to comfort them and help them make sense of life situations, like death. I know that I cannot protect them from all the emotional & physical bumps and bruises they may encounter on their journey of life.

This afternoon DJ and Ander were playing in the yard when family started to arrive to pay their respects. They kept waving, introducing themselves and asking if Lois-Anne is coming out to play. I smiled apologetically and ushered them to the side yard away from the commotion.

DJ asked if Lois-Anne and Donnie were having a party. I replied that they were having a family gathering for Donnie. To that, he said, "We should make them cookies and give them a plate of yummy cookies to help celebrate Donnie". I smiled , hugged him and totally agreed.


Laura said...

Our kids have the ability to make all of that hard work worth it, don't they?!? Thanks for re-sharing that post!

Laura said...
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Sniz said...

DJ sounds so cute. Did you ever find out what his fears were about? I struggle with the same things, wanting to protect my kids at all times, but knowing it's impossible.

Tara R. said...

Such a sweet gesture... children can sometime get to the heart of the matter so much faster than we can...

Family Adventure said...

That was a lovely thought.

I share with you the overpowering feeling of wanting to protect my children, and at the same time, realizing that I cannot. It is a daily struggle. Does it get better? I imagine not so much.


Kathryn said...

Oh DJ. What a tender heart. So sweet.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I am sorry to hear of your neighbour's passing, it is never easy to deal with death with our children. but isn't it wonderful to be surprised by their reactions. They tend to be matter of fact and sometimes have insight that touches us.
What sweet kids you have.

Janet said...

Sweet post.

I'm sorry about your neighbour. My grandmother and her sister lived together for years. When her sister finally passed away, my grandmother was so lonely all the way across the ocean from us. It still hurts my heart.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

what a sweet hearted boy you have there. You must be proud