Thursday, July 10, 2008

Formula Fore Par!

I love golf. I only started to play after my hubby introduced me to the game. I just love to play golf with David - it is fun, a bit of exercise and something we both enjoy. This past weekend I played twice as many games of golf as I have in the last two years!

After I calculated our scores I informed David he had a decent game, ...I on the other hand, I got my money's worth....who ever heard of paying lots of $$ and trying to play as least as possible??!?!?!?

I was a bit rusty, but slowly found my old swing and rhythm. My scores were no where near what they were when I took an hiatus for birth'n some babies. In the past I would aim to break 100, but would usually hit a 102 - 104.

On Saturday I scored a 117...but then I decided to take my handicap into play and calculated my score using my own creative method.

Score for 18 = 117

Minus 2 for not playing in 2 years = 115

Minus 2 for each kid I have had = 109

Minus 2 for the sore SI joint I have had sine giving birth = 107

Minus 2 for the fact my once comfortable golf shoes do not fit my post-pregnancy feet = 105

Minus 2 for the number of nursing feeds I had missed, and because my boobies were hurting = 103

Minus 2 for as a bonus for being a Mom that took the time away from kids do do something she enjoys and deserves = 101

Minus 2 for the one stroke every hole, that well, basically sucked = 99

YIPPPPPEEEEE! All things considered, I did break 100!

It is all on how you do the math!!!!


Jason said...

That's a good way to look at things. I gotta start thinking that way when I do poorly on tests.

forgetfulone said...

Very creative! Maybe I should let you do my budget? LOL

ALF said...

You did great! Everyone keeps suggesting that I take up golf but I just don't think I can do it.

Sniz said...

Hilarious! You go girl!

Have a great day! Sniz