Saturday, April 4, 2009

Symbolic Bling

I am not a fancy girlie-girl. I am not into diamonds or expensive jewelry. My track record with NOT loosing jewelry is NOT good! Remember THIS story????

Just the same, I love fun, creative, interesting necklaces and bracelets. Costume jewelry is really my style!

Here are a few little trinkets I found on Etsy that I would like to add to my birthday list:

I LOVE this pendent. It is beautiful! I would love to have it made with forty little gem stones and three little "eggs" in the nest. It certainly would be a true symbolic representation of my life at age forty. Symbolic bling at it's best - LOVE IT!!!! You (David), can click HERE for more details!

Here is another take on the same idea - I am really drawn to this design.

While I REALLY like the copper one above, this silver option is great since I wear silver quite often. David, or any of you, my loyal readers can click HERE for more details!

For my 30th birthday I got a really funky bracelet and love it to this day. I LOVE funky, cool, conversation piece bracelets! So, a bracelet option would be something like this:

If one wanted more details, they could click HERE, and place an order for this lovely spoon bracelet that features my FAVORITE flowers!

Or, if you think I would appreciate a neat hand crafted ring (and I would!) and you only want to spend $12.50 (cause, you know, I 'm worth at least that!) then this would be a great option:

To me, the four Swarovski Crystals represent each of the 4 decades I have been around - and the two side beads could represent David and I with the main pearl symbolizing becoming a family unit - meeting David, falling in love, getting married and having three wonderful children are the key highlights and wonders on my life thus far - so, yep, this ring would ROCK as a gift! Click HERE quick to order!

All of these wonderful gift ideas are from - this site ROCKS!!!! It is a GEM! The finds are purely PRICELESS and wonderful. If you have never checked it out - go - browse, ohhh and ahhh! If you are a Etsy customer, what has been your cool find thus far???

Less than a week till my 40th, um, what are your doing hanging out at The Fringe???? Go! Get shopping for my gift already! Time is running out!


Kat said...

Wow. You have given so many fabulous gift ideas, the guy CAN'T go wrong! ;)

I love the tree and it's symbolism. :)

ALF said...

I love that ring! I hope you get all the pieces here and that you don't instead get random gifts that you don't want or need. Or is it only my extended family that does that?

becci said...

I love your taste!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I love those! I made an etsy list for my birthday too, I think I may add that pendant! My birthday is on Easter Sunday, which day is yours?
Have an awesome week,

Momisodes said...

Wow! These are beautiful. I love that you've posted a *ahem* list of ideas with *ahem* links :)

Hope you get something lovely. And not what I got for my 30th birthday.