Thursday, April 23, 2009


DO NOT go to Amy's Quest to Skinny blog.

DO NOT become inspired by her weight loss journey.

DO NOT fall in love with her cute furry and four-legged companion.

DO NOT rely on her for awesome running pointers, realistic views on Weight Watchers and food tips.

DO NOT marvel at her work out commitment.

DO NOT chuckle at her wonderful sense of humour.

DO NOT cheer her on as she prepares for her next road race.

And whatever you do, DO NOT go and comment on this post.


'Cause Amy is MY bloggy friend, she is MY inspiration, she is MY grounding force and she is EXACTLY who I want to be like when I grow skinny.

Commenting on this post is just a BIG waste of time!


'Cause I am going to win her awesome give-away. Yep. Me. NOT YOU!


aandjblog said...

too late :D

Melissa said...

LOL! Thanks for the warning...I will not...ha, yeah!! :)

Amy said...

Awwww... I got all teary reading that Laura.

You are friggin amazing.


ALF said...

Well that all seems pretty straightforward. I'm glad I know.