Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top 10 Reasons

  1. Barfing 4 year old
  2. Cold rainy weather and 3 kids at home
  3. PD school day
  4. Barfing Mommy
  5. Barfing 2 year old
  6. Winter storm watches and SNOW!
  7. Toddler diarrhea
  8. Endless Internet searches on Scarlet Fever
  9. Unrealistic work load increase resulting in starting work at 3AM instead of 4AM!
  10. Too many loads of laundry to count!
Just the top 10 reasons why I have been neglecting my blog!

One cool reason to keep visiting The Fringe?

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (on Thursday!)

No, seriously, what is so what is the best part of birthdays?


And well, thanks to Suzy (my new BFF, not sure if she knows that yet!!!) over at Star Creations on Etsy you will have a chance to win a present! Yep! Something from her wonderful Etsy Shop. Oh! Her stuff is beautiful! I have been lurking on her site, you know, browsing all her wonderful jewelry pieces and basically checking the inventory count on this item...since it is on my birthday wish list!

You could have chance at winning a wonderfully hand-crafted piece of art from Suzy. Yep!

How cool is that? The first ever give-away on The Fringe.

Stay tuned!!!!!!

Details will be posted soon, you know, as soon as I get back from the pediatrician's office, finish mopping the floor for the four-zillionth time and throw in another load of the endless pukey-poo poo laundry. OH JOY!!!!!!


aandjblog said...

Happy Birthday!

A Buns Life said...

I sure hope everyone is feeling better by the BIG DAY!!!

forgetfulone said...

How crummy - the illness, the weather. But, hopefully you'll be better for your birthday!