Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The second most beautiful dress

"How about his one, Mommy?"

"No, DJ, Mommy does not like the sleeves on that dress."

"Mommy, this one is orange! That's my favorite colour and you would look beautiful in it!"

"No, Honey, that is a tank top, Mommy wants a nice dress for Beth and Marcel's wedding."

"OK. How about this one? Or this one?"

SILENCE for moment...then the LOUDEST most joy-filled SQUEAL one could imagine...

"Mommy, Mommy, come here, come here, I found the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful dress ever! (deep breath) Mommy, Mommy, come here, come here right now! I found the most perfect dress for you!"

I walk around the rack of summer cocktail dresses and there is DJ, standing in awe. Eyes wide, he is pointing to a, well, um, how to put this nicely, explosion of pink taffeta.

Oh yes! This dress would be any thirteen year old girl's image of the perfect pink princess dress. I could hardly tell where one ruffle ended and the next one started. The dainty spaghetti straps . The plunging neckline. The ruffles, on top of ruffles. The dark pink embroidery on the bubblegum pink taffeta. The puffy little train at the back. Oh! What a dress!

DJ was in awe.

"Mommy, you would look so beeeeeee-U-ti-ful in this dress. You would look like a princess!"

I nervously glance around - every customer and salesperson in the store are looking at us. Snickering. Chuckling. Pointing.

"That sure is a pretty pink dress DJ. I do not think they have my size."

"Oh they do Mommy, they do. They have a one-two, that makes twelve and they have a one-four, at that is fourteen. So, those are both your numbers Mommy." They DOOOOOOO have your size."

Snicker, snicker from the audience.

Please, someone, throw me a line! Please! Where are Stacey and Clinton when you need them?!?!?!

I clear my throat. Bite my lower lip and quickly looked for the nearest emergency exit! How do I get out of this one?!?!?!?!?!

"Umm...DJ, that dress IS very beautiful, maybe it is too beautiful. Remember when you were the ring bearer at Cousin Tara's wedding last summer? Who had the most beautiful dress of anyone?"

"Tegan. Tegan had the most beautiful dress ever!"

"Yes, the flower girl did have a pretty dress, but what lady had the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful dress of them all?"

"Cousin Tara????"

"That's right. Cousin Tara had the most beutiful dress - the bride always wears the most beautiful dress. So, if Mommy wore that dress to Liam's Mommy's wedding, then, well, everyone would be looking at Mommy, and not at the bride. That is not right! The bride has to wear the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful dress. I need to find one not so fancy.OK?"

"Oh. Is it a rule you cannot wear the prettiest dress, only the bride?"

"Um, yep, that is a wedding rule."


Suddenly everyone who had froze to see this situation unruffle, was in motion again. Most nodding their heads and smiling.

I picked out a few options. And herded DJ to the fitting room. As I passed a salesperson, she patted me on the back, smiled and whispered, "Well handled, Mommy, well handled!"

I tried on a few dresses. And other than my own wedding dress selection, this was one of the hardest dress selections I have ever made! You see, I no longer have to buy the one and only, frumpy dress that fits me. When I was heavier I had to settle. I bought what fit - not necessarily what I liked or wanted.

That has changed. In fact, now, I am, at times, overwhelmed by the selection. So much fits me now. Now, I can concentrate on styles, colours and patterns I like, and that sure feels great!

Here is me in the dress I finally decided on. It is black with white flowers. The body of the dress is slightly gathered and fitted. I think my new shoes and old shawl make the outfit.

It may not be the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful pink princess full length ball gown of ruffles - but it sure makes me feel like a princess...and my son thinks I will be wearing the second most beautiful dress at the wedding! So, I am feeling pretty good about this selection!!!!


Jillybean said...

The dress is pretty and you look great!
And bravo to you for your quick thinking at the store.

Tara R. said...

That was brilliant! Nicely done! You will still be the most beeeeeee-U-ti-ful mommy there.

InTheFastLane said...

What a SWEET boy! And what a smart mommy!

Pregnantly Plump said...

You look great in the dress! And well-played with the dress-shopping. I'm not so sure I would be as quick on my feet!

Melissa said...

Awesome save, Mommy!! I'm pretty sure I would have had to give you a standing ovation!!

Beautiful (or second most) dress! Isn't it awesome to have so many options. I'm still amazed when a smaller size fits.

DJ said...

LOL great story.... my daughter usually goes for the crazy neon orange or hot pink as well.. I guess when we were all 5 it looks great.
Now my kid think's it's totally funny and goes out of her way to grab a pair of neon pumps and say.."hey get these!"

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You look fantastic Laura. And you did a perfect job with DJ!!! Fast thinker you are!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Good save!
You look lovely:)