Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spread your wings and fly!

Every year a mommy and daddy goose build a nest outside my hubby's window at work. On the roof of the walk way.

The hatching of the eggs becomes a spectator sport of sort! Employees from all over the campus make sure to wonder over to get an update, eat their lunch while nest watching and some even come to take photos.

As soon as hubby sees the little goslings, he always calls and we rush down to watch the little little, fluffy, waddling, toddling goslings take their first steps. It is quite a sight!

Soon after they are born, the goslings start following mommy and daddy around the roof top. It is so cute! This year we were in for a real treat!

This year we saw them fly (or belly flop!) for the first time. You see, within hours of cracking through their little eggshells, these little goslings follow mommy off the edge! Off the roof. The roof! As in two stories high!

First mommy started to pace along the edge of the roof. Squawking and twisting her head. It looked like she was actually giving each gosling instructions. Then after serious consideration, she found a spot on the edge she liked, and then walked to the edge and after a quick glance back at her new babies and hubby, she flew to the ground. Moments later, daddy did the same thing.

The goslings seemed a bit confused. We watched them waddle back and forth, and then start to climb up onto the ledge. Some would move to the edge and look down at their parents, right below them. But would chicken out and return to the group.

One little brave fellow walked to the edge, you could just see him contemplating what to do next - and then a sibling tried to jump onto the ledge, and in doing so, bumped into the first gosling, causing him to go off the edge! With a belly-flop landing, he recovered and joined his parents in encouraging the rest of his family.

One by one they each started to follow. It was amazing to see. These little goslings, just hours old, trusting their parents, following their parents and spreading their wings for the first time.

Every little "chickie" needs to fly the coop one day.

Today, I registered Madigan for a preschool program next September. I sure do feel like that mamma goose...hoovering, worrying, coaching, instructing and encouraging. In September, my little "chickie" will be spreading her wings...I will be happy and excited for her, especially in September, but for now, I am sad! My little girl is growing up and spreading her wings.

I think I need a drink...Madigan, can I have a sip of your wine?

(You are growing up way too fast, my little girl, way to fast!)


Anonymous said...

Could this be the cutest thing ever?!!

Kat said...

Awww. What an analogy! I just love this post. :)

Pregnantly Plump said...

What a cool yearly event to look forward to!

Lainey-Paney said...

Yes, what a cool annual event indeed!

Tara R. said...

Love the photos! Such a fun annual event to look forward to. I like how you tied it all together at the end.