Friday, September 4, 2009

Check out my Senior Bunny

School supplies carefully stored in a new school back pack. Check!

Fancy clothes. Check!
(apparently, a belt, makes it "fancy, fancy!)

Smile on your face. Check!

Quick pose with Mommy. Check!

A big yellow bus. Check!

Ready to tackle senior kindergarten. Double check!!


Today you start senior kindergarten; today you are a senior bunny! How exciting! You are so ready for this new challenge. I cannot wait to see what the new school year brings for you. This year you will be one of the leaders in your split class. I know you will help and coach and befriend many junior and senior bunnies. Your infectious smile, crazy antics and sincere caring nature will help you make many friends. I hope that you continue to love writing, reading and drawing. May your level of confidence grow, and your success be many. I hope you allow your cute, cuddlely personality shine, but that you also pay attention, stay focused and most of all, that you have fun!

Every day at 11:47am I will be anxiously waiting at the bus stop for you - excited to hear about your newest adventure and fun. I cannot wait to see the zoodles and zoodles of art projects and work sheets you bring home. I cannot wait to see you excel and totally enjoy your last year of kindergarten.

Good luck my crazy, funny, Pander-Bear!

Kissies and huggies,


Pregnantly Plump said...

Very exciting! It's cool that kids get a couple of years of kindergarten in Canada. Guess that's similar to preschool in the US? Hope his first day was wonderful.

sandy said...

He is just darling, and so grown up! I hope he had a wonderful first day, and continues to have a great year.

p.s. You look great!

forgetfulone said...

How precious he is! And you look fabulous! He's going to have a great year.