Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everything old is new again!

So, I am chatting with my Mom, and she asks me the address of my "new blog".

My new blog?????

"Ya, your new blog, you know, since you have not been posting on your old blog, I figured you had a new blog."

A new blog? Nope, no new blog. Just a dusty one!

Not posting. Yep. That is the case.

Why not?

I am not sure. I have had lots of stories I have wanted to share...but I have just not made the time.

I did not even summarize our amazing cross-county drive! Oh, I wanted to tell you all about the "sign from above" and our laundry. Or how we drove home through the US and visited Old Faithful - how cool is that?!?!?

Oh, I had a hilarious condemnation of our house sitters. You know, the ones who not only drank copious amounts of alcohol in our backyard, but drank OUR alcohol, leaving all the empties by the pool deck, and whose MOTHER threw a pool party and got busted by my parents! That is a story to share, for sure!

I took lots of photos of the "While-you-were-out-Clean Sweep" my wonderful parents did while we were on vacation - HOLY CRAP did they do a great job...though I still need the sticky notes on some drawers to know what goes where!!!!!

Oh, and I wanted to write about my last few training sessions for the half marathon, and my amazing (and surprising) mental state going into the race. I also wanted to spell out a few race stories and surprises.

I wanted to bitch and complain that my Mom has cancer. I wanted to shout out how proud I am in how she (and my Dad) are handling this challenge. I wanted to update on her condition and how her treatments are going. I wanted to sing the praises of the doctors and entire medical team, and I wanted to tell you all about her "cool-cancer dormitory".

I wanted to tell you about how I have been battling the same 2 or 3 pounds at the scale for WEEKS now. I also wanted to share my funny experiences in finding a new WW meeting. Oh, and I really wanted to post my Monday menus to help me stay accountable and organized. My fitness program, oh, ya, I am changing things up and I wanted to run some ideas past you wonderful readers.

I wanted to update you on the kids and how they are adjusting to the new school year. Heck, I wanted to post about Madigan and her 3, yep, THREE first days of school.

I wanted to complain about how I had to reapply for my own job. My ridiculous hours. My crazy co-worker. Oh ya, lots of good material from the office to share!
I wanted to write about all our extra-curricular activities such as soccer, swimming lessons, Beavers, gymnastics - you know all the regular juicy content of a Mommy-blog!

Oh, there has been so much going on...lots of material...I just have not made the time.

When I mention my blog to friends, it kind of annoys me when they comment about not having time for stuff like that...I usually reply, "Well, it is important to me, so I make the helps me keep sane." And, well, sadly, I have not been following my own words of advise.

Having the time, is not the same as making the time. For whatever reason, I have not made the time. That is sad, especially since I really enjoy blogging. I love the outlet, I thrive on the comments and idea sharing and I enjoy keeping up with all my bloggy-friends.

I have been a bad Mommy-blogger, a bad weight-loss blogger, basically, a bad blogger, all round. I have neglected the Fringe! But that changes today. Everything old is new again! New attitude. New commitment to the old Fringe.

Oh, ya, baby, Laura from the Lunatic Fringe is back again!


Karen said...

I'm glad to hear you're back! I blog for the same sanity. I only get a comment or two for each post, so I don't know how many people read it, but I don't care. I write it for myself.

DJ said...

Great updates - glad to see things are going well. Your mom's journey will be in my prayers.

Karen said...

As much as I would love to hear about all those things, you blog when and where and how much you can. If it's going to stay an outlet and a release, then it can't turn into an obligation. KWIM??? Hugs,