Friday, October 5, 2007

My Excuses

It has been brought to my attention that I have not posted an entry since last are my excuses:

French Test
Soccer Tournament
First Indoor Soccer Match
Volunteer Day at Preschool
Warm, Sunny Fall afternoons
Kaleidoscope of Fall colours outside my window
Free Swim Sessions
French Presentation
French Presentation
French Presentation
Halloween Costume Planning
Material Shopping for Halloween Costumes
New Baby Coming Gift Planning for 3 Friends
Hot Games of Candy Land and Colour Jumping
A New Swing Set in our Side Yard
Apple Picking
Play Group
New TV Shows ---- Must sees include: Pushing Daisys, Grey's Anatomy,
Private Practice, Bionic Woman,
Dirty Sexy Money
Breast Feeding 2-6 Times in the Night
Preparing for the Nepean Giant Garage Sale
Long Walks
Cribbage Battles

Hope to have more time next week - I miss my daily fix!


About me said...

You're forgiven!


slouching mom said...

Yeah, my weeks are starting to look like that, too, as the kids get older.