Saturday, September 29, 2007

Storrie Saturday

Here are the instructions that DJ gave his little brother on Monday just as they were entering their respective classrooms at Preschool:

DJ: Anderson, we had fun at our days off. Did you have fun?
Ander: Yes. I go Pepe and Nana's house. I go to play park. I play at the beach.
DJ: Be sure to tell your teacher Karen and Jeanie all about your fun days. They like hearing about stuff like that.

During the elementary school open house DJ kept head locking Anderson and lifting him up 3 inches and proudly claiming to all his teachers and new classmates," This is MY Anderson. He is my brother".
Every day we ask DJ how school went. We ask open ended and specific questions in hopes that he will open up and give us some insight into his day. Alas, it is futile. IT IS ALL A SECRET. Yep, our son is attending the only top secret, covert elementary school in the city!
On Tuesday I had a series of errands to do, so after we walked DJ to the bus stop Madigan, Ander and I walked to the coffee shop, the bank, the grocery store and our last stop before the play park was the College. ( I am taking a night course and wanted to update my file to reflect my married name). When we walked into the College, Ander's mouth dropped and he exclaimed, " What a big big school Mommy! Hold my hand so you do not get lost!".

Then, as we were weaving our way to the far end of the campus, Ander relaxed a bit and started to sing. You see, at Preschool when the students change classrooms they sing the Hallway Song. So, here we are walking the corridors of this fine academic establishment and Ander, at the top of his lungs is singing, " Walk our friends down the hall, down the hall. We walk our friends down the hall, down the hall. We waaaaaaaallk our friends down the hall, be careful not to fall, we walk our friends down the hall, down the hall." It was hilarious to see the faces of all the teenagers turning and smirking at us. Anderson had a few of them in hysterics.

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slouching mom said...

Ah, Ben is like DJ. I am not allowed to know what goes on in that elementary school of his. It must be something very interesting, LOL!