Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gift Giving Season

Like most kids, mine are all excited - last day of preschool, big BBQ Picnic - what fun!

Like many parents, I always like to get a little something for the teachers to show our gratitude for all they have done for the kids.

Unlike many parents, I insist on very unique, and usually homemade gifts that the kids can help with.

Unlike most parents, I allow my 3 year old and 4 year old to use power tools!

As a result, our thank you gift this year is pretty unique. Homemade salad claws with a jar of homemade salad dressing!!!! Yep! Each boy helped their Pepe make the wooden salad claws. They are the most amazing salad claws - I love my pair and figured the teachers and bus drivers would too!
Then to complete the gift, each boy got to choose the type of salad dressing each teacher would receive. Then we made all the special requests. We made a wonderful Dijon mustard and Garlic Vinaigrette, a Greek Salad Dressing, Sweet and Sour Dressing and a nice Herb and Sun dried Tomato. The kids were so proud!
Here is the finished product!

I made up cards that included photos of the boys helping to make the items, wrote a small personal note to each teacher and also included the recipe for the dressing and a suggested salad recipe to compliment the dressing. I placed the jar of dressing and the salad claws in a paper bag and attached the over-size card.

I am thrilled to announce that all the teachers were extremely happy with their gifts and appreciated the I have to think of something for next year!!!!
------- Dad, thanks so very much for actually doing the making and letting the boys bast in the lime light! You are amazing...and I am grateful.


A Buns Life said...

Those are AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT ideas!!!! I would love these, I love that they put their heart and soul in to making something unique. As a former teacher, I can say I think they will LOVE these gifts.

Kathryn said...

Wow! That is fabulous! Homemade and fabulous!

Anabella said...

Your good! I went to TJ Max and bought mine on clearance at the last minute. Someday I'll be creative and try it with the kids.


3XMom said...

wow! I am SOOOO impressed! That is amazing. I was happy that I had notecards made with my DD's artwork on the front. But this is incredible!

(would love some of the salad dressings, btw!)

forgetfulone said...

That is incredible! You are so creative, and as a teacher, I would have loved to receive that gift and card. So personal and thoughtful. Have a great day!

Kellan said...

I just loved these - what a cute idea and what a nice gift. I love trying new dressings and I am always looking for good dressings. Great teacher gift!

Have a good weekend, Laura and thans for your nice comment tonight - you are pretty awesome yourself and a good friend.


krissy said...

Good Golly you are a crafty lady and brave to let your kids play with power tools. I'm scared to give my 10yr old a butter knife.

OHmommy said...

Wha? And no recipes? Such a wonderful idea. I want the recipe!!! (Crying like a baby)

Pregnantly Plump said...

That's such a great idea! Those salad tongs look great.

Janet said...

I dig the homemade gifts! I usually make strawberry jam at this time of year so I give that, some cut flowers from the garden and make a donation to the food bank.

Jules said...

As I said earlier...... uh....... later......... this is a fabulous idea!