Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Srappin

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This is a great site to get ideas and inspiration for all your scrapbooking and paper crafts. Check it out!

It has been a long time since I sat down and completed a few scrapbooking pages. I am the furthest behind as I have ever been!

So, I made the time to attend a crop day. I worked very hard and completed most of the missing pages of for my 2007 family book. I am pretty excited to share a few of the pages I completed!

This is the front page of my family album. I placed two photos of the kids taken in Feb 2007 and in Dec 2007, as well as a family shot from Dec 2007 and a quote about the importance of family. It is very simple, but I think it shows how much the kids have grown in the year!

This page is chuck-full of photos I took in June. I wanted to use a layout that allowed me to put lots of photos - I think this one works. I love the photo of Mags in her sun glasses. I also like photos of each of the kids in the swings.

This page took much thought, lots of tears and was created with love and respect. My uncle lost his battle to cancer last June. This page is a tribute to him.

For David's birthday the kids (with the help from my parents) put on a circus act. It was so cute! I had to do a fun circus tent theme to show off their great acts. I did the tent free-hand...I think it turned out really nice!

I love Madigan's facial expressions in each of these photos: a bit surprised, interested, then pleased! Yummy Good!

Thanks for looking! I now just have 2 pages to complete for the Family 2007 book. In Madigan's First Year Book I am in August - so, I hope to finish that this month...and then try to catch up and complete 2008 - and in no time, I will have to start 2009!


forgetfulone said...

Yay!!!! You joined us! You created some great pages. I really love how the one with all the photos turned out. I'm always trying to get as many photos as I can on a page, and yours looks so good!

Lainey-Paney said...

if you're into scapping, you can check out my friend, Pam's blog. she's into scrapping & she & a few of her friends have a scapping supply company.
Pam's blog is at & their products are called "Luxe"...or something like that!

ChrissyM said...

Your pages are fantastic. I love how you put so many pictures on a page and it doesn't look crowded. The circus tent is to cute. Love your pages!! I may use your layouts for ideas if you know mind on how to layout so many pictures on one page.

Melanie said...

Welcome to Sunday Scrappin'

I love the tent page, it is so creative and unique.

I love how you use all the photos on the page, it looks so balanced.

Have a good week ahead.

Anonymous said...

I'll echo the sentiments of the other Sunday Scrappin' ladies when I say I'm so impressed with the way you layout your photos! So many to a page!! I think I'm just too scared to crop once in awhile...great work and so glad you have joined us!

Rebecca said...

Great pages! I love the second set of pages with so many photos but they don't look crowded. The tent is SO cute, I thought it was a diecut or something premade! A wonderful tribute to your uncle. Everything looks great, good job! Have a great week!

3XMom said...

wow - these are great! I love the June one and your uncle's tribute too! I ALWAYS use lots of photos on my pages. These are really great!

Wani said...

Love the carnival tent! That is so clever! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes tries to get as many pix on a page as possible! Keep up the good work!

ALF said...

Wow. That is so cool. I am jealous.

Tara R. said...

I wish I had the patience and creativity to put together beautiful pages like those. Such wonderful treasures for you and your children as they grow older. You should have a date page now for when they are old enough, to bring out on that first date night.