Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Know

I know I am being a bit bull headed.

I know I am thinking-crazy thoughts.

I know I am a bit loony in my perspective.

I know I am overly emotional.

I know that I am working out every day - 20 minute Turbo Jam or 30 Day Shed Workout or Turbo Sculpt.

I know muscle weighs more than fat.

I know that the week of my period could impact my weekly weight loss patterns.

I know that I have not cheated once on my liquid diet - 4 shakes a day for 21 days - only 900 calories a day.

I know that I have increased my walking and routinely hit over 10K steps a day.

I know that I am feeling stronger, leaner and fitter.

I know my clothes are fitting different - fitting better.

I know that weight loss is a slow process - took me years to put on this extra weight - may take as long to loose it all.

I know that I am sleeping better, feeling better and have more energy.

I know that I use to over eat and snack way too much and my portions were out of control.

I know that I have identified many of my old, bad habits and I vow to eliminate them all.

I know that people are commenting on how good I look - I loved how Suzanne kept commenting on my "new" dimples and bigger smile.

I know that my hubby is so proud of me - and even a bit in awe at how well I am handing this liquid diet thing.

I know that I will succeed on this program.

I know that smile in my latest photo says so much about how proud, happy and committed I am to this weight loss program and lifestyle change.

I know that I have lost 18.5 pounds since September 5, 2008 due to hard work, determination and sticking to my program.

I know that a 2 pound loss this week is commendable...really, I do.

I just do not know why I am so disappointed this week.


Kathryn said...

You are being way too hard on yourself. That's all. It is so hard to be patient. And this is the part where it gets tricky.
Every time I see that I may have gained a pound or two it makes me want to eat more. So dumb but it does. You just have to stick to it.
Two pounds is amazing! Especially with your period and everything. I seriously always gain a few pounds of water weight with my period.

You are doing an amazing job. You are AWESOME!!!!

A Buns Life said...

You are doing a great job!! Your body is trying to hold onto it now....I read somewhere that for each 10lbs you lost you have to up your cardio output by like 25% (maybe on biggest loser?) to get the same effect because your metabolism adjusts to the new weight and caloric input. But, 2 lbs a week is the best amount to lose because that is REAL, and will not come back....keep up the great work!!!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Two pounds in one week IS great! Maybe it's just the timing of the last weigh in. Those of us in Little Elvis land are very proud of you! Keep up the good work!!

Anabella said...

You go girl!!!
What kind of liquid diet is it?

3XMom said...

hang in there sweetie - your body is just trying to figure this all out. You are doing GREAT! Amazing even.

Melissa said...

That scale is fierce taskmaster, huh? I know when I feel disppointed when I'm expecting a big loss I start concentrating on measurements.

I would expect with the exercise your doing you are building muscle which would mean your getting smaller...even if it doesn't show a 10 pound loss.

Another thing, 2 pounds is a healthy weight to lose every week...some only lose 1 might want to adjust your expectations a bit.

That said, you are doing so amazing! I really don't know where you are finding the strength to stick to a liquid diet, I know I couldn't do it. That alone makes you tops in my book and then add your "CAN DO" positive attitude! You really are amazing!

forgetfulone said...

Any loss in the week prior or of your period is fantastic in my book! Keep doing what you're doing, and you won't be disappointed next week. Betcha! You're an amazing woman.

Barrie said...

Laura, you are doing an AMAZING thing!! Amazing! Hang in there and be proud!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Your body is going through a lot, it's perfectly normal to get the blues while changing your diet so drastically. Let's focus on what you've done and hive five!!!