Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Friday

The morning started off on a bit of a sour note. I thought a friend and I had agreed on setting Friday mornings as play dates. I am all about routine and regular activities. I was all excited - for the last 18 months I had been feeling badly that we had not made a huge effort to get together, since our girls are exactly the same age. Anyways, when I emailed her to confirm the plans and to inform her it was a PD day for my boys, she informed me that she was meeting up with another mutual friend for a play date...she later called - maybe feeing bad - and invited us to join them at a local museum. I politely declined - I did not feel like roaming the museum...and, well, I was a little ticked. (If my friend had said, "hey, so-and-so would also like to meet up with us", I would have been totally for it...)

So, based on the lovely fall weather, and our need for a physical activity we decided to head to a local hiking trail and bring along a picnic. What is so much fun about this trail is that the chick-a-dees will come land in your hand to take birdseed.

Well, the pictures speak for themselves! We had so much fun! It was so lovely outside - the air brisk, the leaves falling, the birds chirping, the kids running, laughing and squealing. It was a fun Friday for sure!

What a fun Friday we had after all...could not beat it!
As I type this Anderson and Madigan are snoring away and DJ is playing quietly - all three of them walked the whole trail! Wonder if they will get their second wind in time for the the family swim night????????


Melissa said...

LOL! I love your labels! (piss me off)

I don't blame you I would have been unhappy, too.

Though it looks like you turned a negative into a positive. I can't believe the birds were tame enough to land on the kids hands...amazing..and a great shot.

A Buns Life said...

I'm so glad you ended up doing something anyway and having a great time!! Bonus that you got the younger ones to have a great nap!!

forgetfulone said...

Sorry about your so-called friend. I would be ticked.

But, things really worked out in the end, and you got some lovely photos!

Pregnantly Plump said...

That trail looks like lots of fun! The pictures of the chickadees on the hands are great.

Kathryn said...

Are you kidding???? I would be at that park everyday if I could get little chickadees to eat out of my hand! They are my favorite little birdies. So cute!

I don't blame you for being miffed. I would have been too.