Thursday, January 1, 2009


For 2009 I am not making a new years resolution, per say... instead, I am committing to my bashert.

(Warning: This post is a bit all-over-the-place, please bear with the end, it may make just might!)

My heart goes out to each and every person who has lost a loved one at war.

I am not going to jump onto a soapbox and start preaching my political views on war, but I am going to say that each and every time a young soldier makes the ultimate sacrifice my heart saddens, my resolve in the human spirit lessens, and I am left wondering why?
Canada has lost 106 soldiers since our Mission in Afghanistan started.

One hundred and six.

There is a stretch of highway between Toronto and CFB Trenton that has become known as The Highway of Heroes.

The bodies of our fallen soldiers must drive this route. What started as a impromptu tribute has become a very touching and sad last tribute to show our support for the grieving families, our military and our country. Hundreds of people gather on two overpasses to honour the fallen soldier. They wave flags, shed tears and pay their respects.

This video really sums it all for me.

When the death count hit 96 I started to really contemplate making the 5 hour drive to stand at attention the next time a fallen soldier returned home. I started to feel like it was something I really had to do...a calling of sort.

The month of December has been a month of terrible loss for Canada.

I sadly realized, that logistically, I could not follow my calling and pay tribute on the Highway of Heroes.

So, with the start of the new year, I started to mull over new year's resolutions. Most revolved around around continuing my weight loss journey, staying committed to my fitness plan and achieving results.

But the thought of making the trek to pay homage to a fallen soldier kept jumping to mind.
So, I decided to set realistic, attainable goals that would incorporate both my fitness goals and my new burning desire to show my respect for those placing their lives in danger.

Let me explain.

Remember this post about my last running experience? Go ahead, go read it, it is kind-of amusing!

Ok. Welcome back. So, you can now understand why I do not wish to attempt another 5km run. But now that I have lost 57.5 pounds I have rediscovered the joy of running. I have been roughly following The Running Room program and am averaging about 3-6km two or three times a week.

Now, I am a competitive person and I thrive with challenge. Through Facebook I have connected with my friend Leah - and her Facebook status keeps listing runs and triathlons - what a great way to keep motivated, active and accountable. She is so inspiring...and her invilvement in community races got me thinking...

So I did a bit of research looking into local race days and training clinics, and I have come up with what I think is a great plan. So, here is what I resolve to do this year:

1. Train for the St Paddy's Day 10K Race - my goal is to run 5KM and walk 5KM.

2. Participate in the National Capital Race Weekend 10K Race - my goal is to better my time from the St. Paddy's Day race - and I hope to run more than walk!

3. Sign up for The Running Room's Half Marathon Clinic - to join the program you have to be able to run 10km doing a run 10min/walk1min pattern

4. Complete the Army Run Half Marathon on September 20,2009. I simply want to start the race and then cross the finish line. Just doing it will be my goal. And what makes this run doubly special is that 1) I am showing my support to the Canadian Armed Forces and 2) It will be exactly one year since I started my weight loss journey. What an awesome combination! When I saw the race date and the cause it all made sense to me!

I really think these goals are realistic, attainable and will allow me to keep true to the new me.
I am really excited about my plan and I am going to work hard to keep committed and focused - and realistic, meaning, I may re-evaluate each goal as I go.

My friend Ilana says I am not making new years resolutions or goals, but fulfilling my bashert. And, considering how nicely it all works into my game plan, I think I would have to agree!

So, what is your bashert?


Barrie said...

I like this post. resolutions are my traditional this year. But I LOVE yours! And if anyone can accomplish these running goals, Laura, it's you!

ilanov said...

A lovely post Laura - thank you for sharing :) There's no easy translation for "basheret" [or proper way to spell a Yiddush word into English], but the best one is "intended". It's used often for your soul-mate but also for situations you find yourself which turns out in a way which makes sense...hope to see you soon for that coffee!

Tara R. said...

This was such a touching post. I live in a military town (we have three military bases all within 60 miles). We too have lost way too many men and women while serving their country. You have set admirable and attainable goals. I wish you the very best of luck!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Those sound like great resolutions!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I didn't feel this was all over the place at all-- but then, all over the place is how I roll. What an honor it would be to be able to stand on that road...

I have been racking my brain for my bashert but can't come up with anything. Maybe it's because I am drained of brain activity already and we're only five days into the new year :-( I'll just live through yours!

Happy New Year L!

Janet said...

There have been so many lives lost.


In more chipper news, I love that you are setting all of these goals and meeting them. I didn't make any resolutions this year. I'm just trying to spend the year in my mellow happy place.

Ken said...

I love these goals...You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Having only knowing you from blogger, it seems odd to say, but you are an inspiration in many ways...many, and your posts are so poignant, even when just discussing daily life...

my new year's resolution is to be inspired more, and wherever that leads me, can only be good.

thank you...