Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wii-ly Annoying!

So, we got Wii Fit for Christmas.

And we have a 23 month old who is just starting to really talk. And is imitating everything she hears.

Now, the 23 month old is Wii-ly annoying.

Case in point:

"Madigan, give Mommy a nice big hug!"

"OK. Measuring...measuring...measuring...All done!"

Additional evidence:

"Madigan, sit down and eat your dinner!"

"That's obese!"

Another Wii-ly annoying example:

"Madigan are you having a poop? Want to use the potty?"

"Ya! Measuring...measuring...measuring...All done! That's obese!"

It is Wii-ly starting to annoy me - she even uses the perfect pitch in tone to imitate that smug little machine!


LaskiGal said...

Um, thanks for the warning. I'm keeping J AWAY!!!

Janet said...

Sheesh. The Wii is brainwashing our children! :)

Pregnantly Plump said...

That is so funny! Although, I've never actually heard a Wii...

forgetfulone said...

What a hilarious post! Loved the title.