Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fitness - Tag, you're it!

Jason, over at Scribblings of a Madman tagged me for a fun meme. I thought perhaps I would work it into my Fitness Friday post!

The Rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Write down six things that make you happy
3. Post these rules
4. Tag six others
5. Notify me that you've tagged six others--or that you're not in a happy place right now...

OK. Here goes, six things that make me happy in terms of my current fitness level:

  1. Wrestling and goofing off with my little ones and not getting winded or feeling like a beached whale!

  2. Even my "skinny" pants are too big now! I was able to donate two bags of clothes to the local Woman's shelter - clothes that I will NEVER grow into again!

  3. That my hubby totally supports my fitness efforts and enables me to work out every evening. He is amazingly supportive!

  4. Having my five year old, four year old and almost-two year old join in and do "Mommy's TV exercises" There is nothing cuter than a Madigan doing a tree pose or Anderson doing lunges or DJ doing lateral jumping jacks! I also melt to pieces when I am playing soccer and I can hear them cheering, "Go Mamma Go!" It is AWESOME!

  5. Knowing that I am doing something for me. Investing in me. Succeeding and keeping motivated. It makes me happy and proud to have worked hard to loose almost 65 pounds - and I am motivated to loose the rest!

  6. Being a good role model for my children in terms of leading an active, fit, healthy lifestyle.

Wow, I had to stop myself at 6! There are so many things that make me happy in terms of my new commitment to fitness and healthy living. Completing a good run makes me happy. Knowing that this coming summer soccer season will ROCK, makes me happy. Realizing my potential, makes me happy. Relaxing in a warm bath after a good work out makes me happy. Not being too embarrassed about wearing a bathing suit in public makes me happy. Being able to choose new clothes in the latest styles, not having to buy whatever fits, makes me happy. Thinking about working towards, doing, and completing my fitness objectives make me happy. Being happy, makes me happy!

You know, these days, so much makes me happy.

Working hard at redefining my body, and my whole self is making me happy.

Taking control of my weight problem makes me happy. And not being too worried or upset about an half a pound gain last week (first gain in 21 weeks and weigh-in was the first day of my period - TMI!!!).

All the love and support I get from family and friends - especially all you guys - makes me happy.

So, my dear friends, what makes you happy????

Tag! You are it!


Tara R. said...

Very cool list! I think your success is a wonderful inspiration to all of us. Great job!

Barrie said...

You sound so happy, Laura! It's fantastic to read your list.