Friday, January 23, 2009

Fitness Friday - Sum of all Fears

I am happy to report that all through the Christmas holidays I stuck to my fitness plan. In fact, I even increased my intensity, duration and frequency.

Now that we are three weeks into the new year, I have slowly fallen into a nice routine. Routine seems to be the name of the game for me. I have made certain personal and family sacrifices in order to make fitness a priority. I have decided that being fit, and working out makes me happy and has one million and one benefits - and a happy Laura makes for a happy wife and a happy mommy and a happy employee. How can I take care of those I love, if I cannot and do not take care of myself?

My fitness objectives for 2009 are all realistic, attainable, and challenging:
  1. Play soccer on my 30+ woman's team - for the last 2 seasons I have played goalie. I am a fairly good goalie, but have more fun playing out - but I have not since mt fitness level was way inferior than my teammates
  2. Run a 5k road race on St. Paddy's Day
  3. Participate in the Running Room's 10K Clinic
  4. Run a 10K road race at the National Capital Race Weekend in May
  5. Participate in the Running Room's Half Marathon Clinic
  6. Run a Half Marathon on Army Race Day in September

In terms of my workout routine:

Monday - Outdoor Run - right now we are building towards running the 5K race, we are running 10 minutes and walking one minute for just over 5k
Tuesday - Wii Fitness Trainer or Tae-Bo or Body Jam DVD and a body sculpt DVD
Wednesday - Total Body Boot Camp at the community centre (FRIGG'N ROCKS!)
Thursday - Job 2K and walk 5km
Friday - Family activity and I am trying to find a yoga or pilates class I like!
Saturday - REST. WHEW!
Sunday - Indoor soccer and/or gym work out

We also got the Wii Fit for Christmas. I am enjoying that as well and usually do 15-30 minutes every other day. I am also taking the stairs a lot more and walking/jogging to the grocery store instead of driving. It all helps. Once I start the "official" running clinics, I will have to re-arrange my workouts.

I think my routine gives me the variety, intensity and level of fun I need to keep motivated.

How do you mix up your routine? Is variety important to you? How do you keep motivated?

As you can see on my side-bar, even with the re-introduction of food, I am loosing weight. I am working very hard and eating a healthy diet. I hope to loose at least another 30 pounds. I am very proud of the 63.5 pounds I have shed since September 2008.

This morning I went through bags of old clothes looking for items that would fit. In one bag I found a pair of nice black jeans. They looked pretty small - I figured they were probably from my pre-baby era.

With a smidge of hesitation I tried them one. They slide on, and I could button them up. WOW. And , they looked pretty good, if I do say so myself...I then felt something in my back pocket. I reached in and this is what I pulled out:It is a movie stub from June 15, 2002! That is the last time I fit into these jeans!!!

Hmmmmmm...."Sum of All Fears" well, the sum of all my fears equates to going back to old habits and gaining weight again and not fitting into these jeans!

Wonder if there is a movie called, " Sum of all hard work"??? That has a better ring! And if I keep motivated, keep true to my fitness plan and my healthy eating, then soon, these pants will be too small!!!!


Melissa said...

One word...AWESOME! You are so awesome.

I had the jeans moment the other day, too. I went to the store and grabbed an 8 thinking there was no way they would fit. I pulled them on and snapped them and just about fell over.

It's a great feeling and you are doing so well. I'm very proud of you!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Yay for you, you are amazing. And I meant it, you have inspired me so very much.
I am not there on the fitness thing right now, not yet, but I am working on the eating thing. I will get there too and I am cheering you on with all of my heart.

3XMom said...

challenging?? AMAZING! That sounds amazing. You are so inspiring - really! I am working out 1-2x every day now thanks to seeing your amazing commitment! Hang in there! we can do this! (well, I can't do a half marathon- but I will do another 5k this year and we'll see from there)

Momisodes said...

WOW! Since September? You are awesome! Really. That is amazing. And you are doing such a great job in keeping up with your routine.
Once it warms up a bit here, I hope to mix up my routine as well. Keep up the good work!

InTheFastLane said...

You ARE doing great! And I like that you are mixing things up. I am starting to do that here, as much as I love running, I need to use some different muscles and get motivated.

Tara R. said...

If I could get into a pair of jeans from five years ago I would be ecstatic. Great job! Woohoo!

Barrie said...

You are an INSPIRATIONl, Laura! I need to mix up my exercise routine because I'm getting bored.