Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bravo! Bravo!!!!

OK, our Prime Minister stole the show on Saturday night!

He is NO OBAMA, in fact, many a comedic sketch has payed homage to his robotic nature. But he threw caution to the wind, and took centre stage!

Oh, his handlers have worked hard trying to improve his image - Remember those lovely sweaters?????!!!!

Anyways, thanks to PM Harper I have been humming this song!!!! All. Day. Long.

I cannot get it out of my head!!!

Furthermore, this tune is being hummed all over Parliament Hill!

Every morning I deliver my report to the PM's office in Centre Block. Well, this morning I came across 5 workers humming a certain Beatles tune!



PM Harper's performance is the talk of the town. What a perfect choice of song given our current political landscape. Oh, I cannot wait for Rex Murphy on the Thursday night CBC National program...his commentary will ROCK! (Ya, I am a Canadian Studies major, can you tell?!?!?!)

Now, wonder what PM Harper's encore will be????

At the next G8 meeting, Obama may win the congeniality award, but Harper may be crowned in the talent competition!!!

AH, Canadian politics!!!

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