Monday, October 5, 2009

My meals for the week come with pre-made photos!

Each week my parents have been residing at The Grimes Lodge - it is like a dorm for cancer patients while they are getting treatment. There is a little kitchenette where they can warm up foods. Since my mom cannot eat and there is no real cooling facilities, I have been trying to provide as many meals as possible.

So, each weekend I make a few meals for my family is an extra little to pass onto my dad! here is this week's menu:

Monday - Crock-pot steak with mushroom & mushroom sauce and cous cous and squash from our garden!

Tuesday - Tandoori chicken with mixed veggies and cous cous.

Wednesday is pizza night! Mommy has a 5:45 gym class and the boys have Beavers and Daddy has to rush home!
Thursday is yummy salmon loaf with grilled peppers and squash (the last one from our garden!).

Friday is kind of up in the air right now. We might go out for Pho soup?

This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving. Gotta finalize my plans...but it will involve turkey and stuffing and a pumpkin pie!!!

As for my other meals, I am tracking religiously. I am keeping within my points the best I can.

My breakfasts are going to include steel cut oats with PB and banana, or eggs with veggies and salsa or toast with apply butter. I am going to try my best to eat the bulk of my breakfast early, and then have a healthy mid-day snack.

My plans for lunch are pretty basic - mainly a salad with some sort of protein - tuna, chicken, tofu...something tasty, a bit of dressing and a fruit with yogurt.

I bought a huge bag of spinach to have afternoon green monsters - and I am loving a low-fat hot chocolate mix I got that is basically a point!

Last week I had a shock at the scales...SEVEN pounds LOST! Crazy, I know...but I think it all had to do with training and running for the half marathon! I am hoping for a loss this week... but if not, I will know that I have eaten healthy and within my points.

Check out more Menu Plan Monday entries at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

I did not get around to posting on Friday, but I cannot wait to tell you all about my new fitness program for October and November!!!!! Stay tuned!

Well, gotta run and get lunches made and kids into bed!

Peace out my dear Bloggy-friend! Sleep well!


DJ said...

I like the pic's of the dishes - give me some good ideas.

somia said...

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Looks fantastic and congrats on the 7lbs!Wow!

Forgetfulone said...

Oh, yum! I know this is last week's, but you got me hungry, especially for home-grown squash!