Thursday, October 1, 2009

To worry a little less...

Can you believe it is now October? WOW! Time is flying.

I cannot believe that DJ has completed the first month of grade one! Honestly, I had been worried - oh, I wasn't worried he could not do it or that he would struggle - I knew deep down that he would do great! But, just the same, I worried.

I worried he would tire through the long, full day.
- He does come home a little tired, but seems to have adjusted to the full day quite easily.

Still, I worry.

I worried he would not like his teachers.
- Not only does he adore them all, but so do I!!!!

Still, I worry.

I was worried he would join the gang of trouble makers (they were identified in Junior Kindergarten...and well, they sure had an impact on DJ).
- Yes, he still considers one little (trouble-maker) boy his "best friend", but the teacher keeps the "4-Musketeers" separated and DJ is making new friends.

Still, I worry.

I was worried that he would struggle with the work load.
- Yes, DJ is a bit challenged with writing and fine-motor skills, but he is continually improving and not only have we, but also his teachers have seen a huge improvement. He has brought home more work and art in the last 15 school days than he did in ALL of J-K and S-K!!!!

Still, I worry.

I was worried DJ would be alone at recess.
Nope, he tells me wonderful stories of the fun he had during second recess with an ever-growing collection of names. First recess? Well, he has joined the school track team! The grade 3-6 track team practices every day, and well, my little grade 1 is the most eager of them all. The coach contacted me and is very supportive of DJ practicing with the team. In fact, I have registered him into a race in 2 weeks! He loves it!

Still, I worry.

Every Friday DJ comes home with his weekly portfolio. It is filled with work sheets, art work, exercises and notes. Every Friday I carefully examine each piece with great pride.

Still, I worry.

Then, this afternoon, I found this piece of work.

A smile came upon my face, from ear-to-ear.

A tear gathered in my eye and ran down my cheek.

My heart swelled with love, pride and wonder.

And I decided to try and worry a little less...


Barrie said... wonderful that he's so well adjusted, Laura. Which means you're doing a terrific job as a mother.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and warming...and yes, the office...again.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Aw! Looks like he is doing just fine, although we never stop worrying, do we?
Good to see that he is settling in so well. I hope everything is going well with you guys.

Syl said...

sometimes the hardest part of being a mother is learning to let go!

my son is in grade one he recently asked me if I could just drop him off in front of the school and go home instead of waiting for the bell to ring and watch him go in. He is ready of independence, I am not LOL! Still not ready but slowly we need to let them grow up.

it's great that he likes school makes it so much better, you are doing a fantastic job, you worry because that's what we do!

Angie All The Way said...

Awwwwww!!! I love this post! I can't believe that DJ is doing track practice with the older grades!! WOW! WTG DJ! He sounds like such an enthusiastic kid!

Now I wonder if he gets that from his mom?! ;-)

(All I think about is becoming a Mom :-D)