Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Backyardigans Live - EXCELLENT!

My boys LOVE the Backyardigans. It is a Canadian cartoon that plays on Treehouse and NickJr. DJ and Anderson just love them...they are a bunch of friends who have EXCELLENT adventures in their backyards. Two years ago DJ and Anderson talked me into making them Pablo and Tyrone costumes for Halloween.

DJ as Tyrone the Moose
Anderson as Pablo the Penguin

So, when I heard the LIVE SHOW was coming to town...well, with lightening speed I got us row L tickets. Believe it or not, the show sold out in 9 minutes!!!!! The boys were so excited. They even insisted on wearing their old Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, only the heads still fit them, somewhat, at that!

The boys clutching their tickets!

What an EXCELLENT afternoon with my boys at the theatre. We had a blast. The boys were on the edge of their seats cheering on the characters and following the directions and dancing. It was so fun to watch my boys react to what they saw on stage.

The show was EXCELLENT! The boys were EXCELLENT!!! The whole afternoon bonding with my boys was EXCELLENT!!!!

Hey! Is that Pablo and Tyrone or DJ and Anderson??!!??!!

Hey....speaking of EXCELLENT, I got an EXCELLENT award from an EXCELLENT blogging friend, TheVasquez3 . You gotta check out her blog - lots of photos and fun family stories. It is EXCELLENT! I am so happy to be sent some EXCELLENT bloggy goodness.

As with tradition, I would like to pass this wonderful award to some EXCELLENT blogging friends.

Kathryn over at Seeking Sanity has an EXCELLENT blog. I love her EXCELLENT music that compliments her most EXCELLENT style of capturing life with three young children. I can sure relate to her...and so will you!

Kellen over at On theUpside has an EXCELLENT blog too. Her writing style pulls me in every time, her sense of humour makes my day and she makes me feel like I am right in the middle of all the action. EXCELLENT!

You know, I have been reading about 45 different blogs on a regular basis. They are all EXCELLENT in their own unique ways. Plus, I so appreciate all your support -especially during the recent challenges I have written about. I so appreciate all your EXCELLENT comments and support. Therefore, I am giving you all this award!! All of you, my blogging buddies really make me feel part of an EXCELLENT community of friends. Thank you. You all deserve this award more than me!

Be sure to spread the bloggy love!


InTheFastLane said...

of all the kid's shows, that backyardigans are one of my favorite. That sounds like a fun show! I am so impressed with your costumes.

Kellan said...

What a great post - it was MOST EXCELLENT!! And ... those costumes - WOW - you made those - so cute!!!

Thanks so much for passing this award on to me - you are so sweet and I really, really appreciate it - thanks! See you soon. Kellan

TheVasquez3 said...

YAY!! You are welcome!!

these backyardigans you speak of sound like a toddlers version of the whole Hannah Montanna phenomenon spreading in this house! wow it starts young...clearly since it sold out so fast!!

looks like their biggest fans had a GREAT time!!

Kathryn said...

You MADE those costumes? Sheesh! I could never make something like that. I am so impressed! Yeah you!
Congrats on your award! You ARE excellent! I really love reading your blog. And thank you so much for passing it on to me. I am really honored!
Thank you!

Barrie said...

Laura, aren't you exhausted? I don't know how you're doing it (being an excellent worker and an excellent mother)!

Congrats on the award!

Family Adventure said...

I bet the kids had an AWESOME time! Those grins say it all. You are a good mommy to get those tickets for them :)

And congrats, my most EXCELLENT friend :)


Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

Super cute boys! Love the costums!

Anonymous said...

I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE WORST SHOW/PLAY I HAD EVER SEEN. I WANT MY $70 BACK. My daughter is two years old and did not enjoy it.. When I spoke to my co-worker he said his son did not like it either. I am so surprised that the show only lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes. Please do not waste your money and/or get the cheapest tickets!!!