Sunday, February 3, 2008

100th post!

Well, you asked, and I answered!

As is customary, I am posting 100 things about me since this is my 100th post.

Thank you everyone who posed questions....some were easy, some were hard, some were a bit odd and some where challenging...and all were fun!

Please excuse spelling mistakes as spell check is not working and I am too tired to double check and edit!

Here we go!

Heidi from Family Adventure asked:

1) What made you decide to start a blog?
Well, I have always kept a journal and this seemed like a natural extension of my personal journal. Plus, I wanted an easy and fun forum to share Trilogy stories with family and friends. I found my friend Andrea's blog and it knd of snowballed from there!

Sadly, some days blogging is my only interaction with adults! And I need adult interaction!

2) Does your family know of/read your blog?
Yes. I know my mom reads it on a regular basis - she even left a comment on my Christmas post! (YIPPPEEEEE) I have told other family members, but since no one leaves comment (hint hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) I am not sure who exactly reads it! I am pretty sure my hubby reads it (David, if you are reading this, meet me in the bedroom for a evening of fun as soon as the Trilogy is down for the night!) I think David enjoys most of my posts. I know that he told his friends about my blog. And whenever anything out of the ordinary happens, David will roll his eyes and say, "you're going to blog about that, aren't you?"

Emily from Wheels on the bus asked:
3) What makes you feel especially sassy?

hmmmmm....sassy, me???? Well actually I like saying "Sasss-ssssy" and that word makes me giggle! hmmmmmm.... I love feeling sexy and sassy with a new haircut...unfortunately, my Dorothy Hamill cut does not make me feel sassy!

Laura from That Grrl asked:
4) What does your blog design/ template say about you?
That I like green and lack resources for a cool layout and I am a bit boring! (note to self, revamp blog layout ASAP!)

5) What is your favourite colour and what was the last day you wore it?
I do like green and as I type this I have on a nice green top!

6) If you were given a $1000 (just for being you) how would you spend it?
I'm only worth $1000 - sheeeesh! I think I would hire one of those organizational gurus to organize my house....and whatever is left over (if anything) I would buy scrapbooking materials!

7) Where would you go if you could take a month long trip (all expenses paid) anywhere in the world?
In 1999 I took a month off and camped through six countries in Africa. It was amazing and life-changing. Before I met my hubby I was planning my next hiking and camping trip through Asia. So, I think I would make that dream happen!

8) Do you like your name? I'm a Laura too.
Oh yes! I love my name. I was named after my Great Grandmother. She was a firecracker!

Funny story is that my Grandmother told my Grandfather, and everyone in her town, that my name was Heidi. To this day, when I visit, someone will ask if I am Heidi. It was not until 36 years after my birth that my grandfather shared the story behind my name change. Apprently, my Grandmother did not think that my Grandfather would appreciate having a grand daughter named after his mother-in-law!!! So, she made up a name!

I am glad my name is not David!

Vasquez3 would like to know:

9)What are the things you really like about yourself?

I like that I am usually happy, outgoing and friendly. I also like that I like to laugh and that I can offer a shoulder to cry on when someone is in need.

10)What are some things you would like to change about yourself?
I wish, oh how I wish that I did not procrastinate - I am terrible about getting mail out in time. I would also like to get a bit less lazy when it comes to keeping a clean, organized house.

11) What is your favorite all time movie?
This is tough. LOVE Breakfast Club. LOVE The Red Violin. LOVE the Rocky series!

12) What do you do for fun?
When I am not blogging I am either playing soccer or golf or scrapbooking!

13) If you could have any career what would it be?
Professional athlete - soccer or golf

14) What is your favorite vacation destination?
hmmmmmm still looking to discover a favorite destination. I plan on visiting lots of exotic and wonderful places in order to figure this out!

15) What 3 things (not people) would you want with you if on a deserted island?
-My scrapbooks
-The complete works of Bryce Courtenay
-Life supply of licerice

16,17,18) Do you do anything regularly to pamper yourself? If yes what? If no why not?
Twice a year I go on a scrapbooking weekend get-away and it is the best! I am not into pedicures or manicures or the such...but I do routinely espcape with a long, hot, bubbly bubble bath!

Kelly from Don Mills Diva had this inquiry:

19) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Still trying to figure that out! Sorry my answer is so lame!

Barry Summy would like to know:
20) Where was your best vacation?
I travelled through Africa, visiting 6 different countries. I hiked and camped the entire month except for one hotel night in Zanzibar. This trip was life changing for me and I hope to blog about it one day.

Laura from A Day in the Life of a Mom of Six asked:
21) How did you meet your husband?
We met on a soccer pitch - the Nortel Co-ed Parti Soccer League. (a very cute story that I plan on sharing Feb 14th!)

22) What do you want to do when you grow up?
Foreign Diplomat or a engineer/designer of prothestic limbs

23) What are some things you would NEVER change about yourself?
That I am outgoing, caring and hardworking.

Kathryn from Seeking Sanity wants to know:
24) What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I love being a mom!

25) Your least favorite?
As mentioned before, I procrastinate and am not very good at keeping my house cleaned and organized!

A Bun's Life asked:
26) Do you have family nearby or a great babysitter that helps out with the children so you and your hubby can go out on dates and spend time alone with each other?
When my second son turned 2 my parents moved to be closer to us. Up to that point immediate family was about a 5 hour drive away. Now they are 55 minutes door-to-door! They will not babysit for an evening...but better than that, every couple of weeks they will take to boys so David and I can spend a weekend doing what we want or what we need to do. We also have a great 16 year old we met at church. She adores all 3 kids and has even babysat all three.We are very lucky to have my parents near by and a great babysitter!

27) What did you do before blogging to help maintain your sanity with 3 small children?
The fact that we have 3 little ones so close together may hint towards an "activity" that helps! Let's call it quality time with my hubby! I also play soccer in a fairly competitive league. This is an amazing outlet for me. I also scrapbook, read, do needle point and cross stitch. All of which helps me keep my sanity!

28) Were your parents good role models for you to follow in how you want to parent your children?
My parents are amazing role models - in their relationship, in how they live their daily lives and how they reared me. My father is a retired high school teacher and a wonderful and caring man. My mom balanced life, career and family. She is my best friend - we talk at least once a day, every day! In addition, I have a great mother-in-law and father-in-law. They are very caring and loving people.

29) Do your children eat their vegetables? :)
Usually...especially if it is "trees" or peas and in DJ's case orange peppers!

30) How old were you when you officially were living on your own completely independent of your parents?
This is acutally difficult to say. I went away to University, but lived with my Grandmother for two years to help look after her. And after a freak volleyball accident, I went home for a summer to recover. So, technically, I would say 20.

Tara from If Mom Says OK wants to know:
31) Is there any topic you won't blog about?
hmmmmm...I do not think I would blog negatively about anyone in my family - immediate or extended. Some topics are best discussed in private.

Mrs. Schmity from It's A Schmitty Life had these 5 questions:
32) What do you like most about being a mom?
Too many things to list. I love watching and seeing my kids grow and learn. It is amazing. I love seeing my hubby interact and connect with the kids. I love giving my love and being loved. I love the smiles, giggles and hugs and kisses.

33) What do you like the least about being a mom?
The pressure I put on myself to be perfect. The expectations placed on all moms. Seeing my children hurt in anyway.

34) How do you and your hubby spend special time?
We love to ski, golf and hike. Date nights usually include dinner, movie and a trip to Chapters. Occassionaly we will play euchure or snuggle up to a good movie.

35) Do you have a group of friends that you can fall back on when times get rough?
Yes. I have a wonderful circle of friends.

36) What do you do for yourself to relax?
As stated before, I am big into soccer, scrapbooking and other hobbies.

Melissa from Hope for the Hopeless asked:
37) Would you rather be Paris Hilton or Britney Spears?
Good Lord, which is the lesser of two evils????? Britney's recent activiteis scare me, especially since young children are involved. So, by default, I want to be a ditzy, rich, spoiled millionaire!

38) What is your favorite room in your house?
The room that currently has the least amount of toys spewed around!

39) If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?
Increase our disposible income

40) If you could go back in time and change one decision you've made what would it be?
There was one night in 1998 that I really regret...but I am over him, errr I mean it!

41) Do you pick your nose?
I choose my friends, and yes, I pick my nose! EWWWW how disgusting!!!

Karen at Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails asked:
42) If you could spend a day with a male and female movie star, who would you chose?
Alan Alda

43)What makes you laugh out loud?
My kids!

44) Do you sing out loud when you are in the car alone?
Hell ya! Rock on Baby!!!

45) What's the best present (material) that you have gotten?
After DJ was born my hubby gave me the most wonderful pendent and necklace. I wore it everyday from December 10, 2003 to April 22 2007. I was in a conference centre and Madigan was colicky and cranky, she must have broken the necklace. I am sooooo sad I lost that wonderful gift.

Erin over at Life in the Nuthouse asked:
46 & 47) What I want to know is why you live where you do and where would you live if you could live anywhere?
I moved to Ottawa Ontario Canada after university. I was a Canadian Studies major with hopes of landing a job in the Foreign Diplomatic core.

My husband comes from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I love that in the winter we can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon and play soccer in the type of place!

Alf over at I Shot a Man in Reno asked"
48) If you were burried in a mountain of food and had to eat your way out of it, what food would you be burried in?
Licrice and sour candy with the occassional chocolate bar and bag of jalepeno kettle chips!

Amanda inquired:
49) If you could reasonably have either an elephant or a giraffe as a pet, which would you choose?
I've seen and stepped in elephant dung... I am leaning towards a giraffe, though even that is a long stretch!

50) What does you favorite shirt look like?
I do not really have a favorite - though I have been wearing a comfy purple v-neck long-sleave cotton job I bought on boxing day for $3.99!!!

WHEW! half way done...anyone still reading????

Pregnantly Plump wanted to know:
51) Who do you root for, Wile. E. Coyote, or the Roadrunner? (You can substitute Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd or Tom and Jerry, whichever one you watched as a child.)
Wile. E. Coyote all the way!

Heck, I even dreamed of working at the ACME Company to help create better stuff for him!

That's Life v 2.0 asked the following 5 questions:
52) Are you and optimist or a pessimist?

53) Have you ever met anyone who is famous?
Tom Cochran, Corey Hart

54) What cities have you lived in?
In Ontario: Windsor, Tecumseh, Port Lampton, Guelph, back to Windsor, Hamilton (for one summer) and then Ottawa. I also did two French exchanges to La Pocatiere Quebec.

55) Can you wiggle your ears?

56) What side of the bed do you sleep on?
When you are standing and facing the bed, my spot is on the right.

57) What was your first job?
My first salary job was working with 900 numbers...I should blog about those days!

Jenni at Just Chicken Feed wants to know:
58) Go back 10 years, are you where you thought you would be?
I am where I hoped I would be...but, not where I thought I would be. I had broken off a 7 year relationship and was very worried I would never find my Mr. Right.

59) Where will you be in 10 more?
I hope to still be as happy and blessed as I am right now - with 3 healthy and wonderful kids, a fabulous hubby. I hope by then I can still have a wonderful balance between work and family. Perhaps by then I will be working full time, not just part time.

60) What do you eat on your pizza?
My favorite pizza is at Pub Italia: artichoch hearts, black olives and feta with sundried tomatoe!

Slouching Mom at Slouching Past 40 wants to know:
61) Salty snacks or sugary ones?

Usually sugary snacks with salty ones coming into play once a month!

62) What's your favorite decadent food?
I love a good chocolate cake...a real good decadent chocolate cake.

Janet over at Three and Holding inquired:
63 & 64) What is was the best date you have ever been on? What was the worst?
The first date with my hubby...I did not want it to end. I told my girlfriend that evening I would marry David...and I did!

My worst date was through a dating service. The guy had the personality of a dead fish.

Jenlo at Thinks By Me asked the question I get so often!
65) Did you meticulously plan to have your [kids] so close together or was the timing a big & crazy surprise (albeit a good surprise, of course)?!
Well, with Anderson, we did not take any precautions. We wanted the second child to be close, but we never thought he would arrive less than a year from the first. We were shocked when we found out we were 13 weeks pregnant!

Madigan ws a total surprise. We were told that due to delivery complications, that it was not safe for me to carry another baby. But, Madigan was meant to be! She beat all birth control thrown at her!

We are so happy that the kids are so close. It is fun, exciting and great!

Krissy at Firecracker Mom! asked:

66) What do you do for an escape?

This is a repeating theme...funny, us moms sure need a means to escape and like, you, I am interested in finding out how others escape and find balance. I am very lucky to have balance in my life - and that comes from having a wondrful and supporting hubby who ensures I get blogging, soccer, scrapbooking and me time!

Tot's Mom at Mom.Dad.Chat asked:
67) What is your favorite color?

68) Were you a popular girl at school?
My father taught at my high-school...boys were a bit intimidated by that! Plus, I was more of a well-rounded gal. I had friends from many different clicks and groups. Plus, I was very busy with my athletic endevours.

Forgetfulone asked:
69) How long have you been blogging?
My first post was on Monday August 13, 2007.

70) What is your favorite blog, other than yours?
That is unfair...there are so many out there...they are all great! I love this blogging community!

71) Where do you go to get mom advice?
A bit from friends, family, Dr. Sears, and all my new blogging friends!

Mighty Morphin' Mama asked these mighty questions:
72) How many siblings do you have and where do you fall?
I have one younger brother.

74) Does your birth order affect how you parent? ie. If you are the oldest, do you find you favour your oldest or are particularily hard on them?
I do not think so. My hubby, on the other hand is the eldest and I think it influences how he deals with our eldest son.

My hubby has just asked:
75) Are you done your blogging question-thingy yet and coming to bed soon???
Nope - but I am over 75% there!

Nissa from Nissa's niceties asked:
76) What's your favorite vice?
I had three kids in 37 months....pretty oblivous! heee heee! giggle giggle! blush blush!

Kristan from See Ya Tuesday asked:
77) Name one piece of advice that you always give to people.
Trust your instincts!

78) Name one that you always hear and could live without.
She has gotta learn, just let her cry it out!

Amy at A Family Story wants to know:
79 & 80) Who's your favorite Disney princess and why?
This past Christmas I went to see Enchanted with my niece, sisters-in-law and mother-in-law. I loved the princess in that movie.

Shay at Speilmoms Ramblings aksed:
81) Would you have more babies if you could?
Oh yes! But, unfortunately, cannot.

82 & 83) When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Are you doing that?
When I was really little I wanted to join the circus and do the flying trapeze... and today, at times, I feel like I am doing that! Doing a high wire balancing act, while juggling a million balls and clowning around!

84) What do you do to get some 'me' time?
Apparently, I become a saddist and ask people to send me 100 questions! Whew, almost done!

Soaring Student wants to know:
85 & 86) What colour was your bedroom when you were a child? Why?
As a little gal I had pink - my mom did it! As a teenager I had an awesome room that was a bunt pumpkin colour with dark wood and a splash of white and blue in the drapes. It was an amazing room!

87) Gilligan or the Professor?
Little Buddy all the way!

88) What were you doing when the Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated?
I was packing for a 3 month French exchange program. My Grandmother was visitng and she was helping me pack.

89 & 90) Which housework task do you find the most enjoyable? Disgusting?
I usually enjoy folding laundry. I hate washing the floors and I find cleaning the toliet disgusting (4 yr old, 3 yr old little boys...enough said!)

mscooter44 asked:
91) What were the pros and cons of going to school where your dad was a teacher?
I loved it! My dad and I are close, so it was great. Best part was that I knew most of the teachers personally...and even had blackmail material from parties hosted at my house! Bad thing is that most guys would not date a teacher's daughter! And you could not really skip classes!

92)Do you worry about what the world will be like for your children?
Every sure can be scarey out there. I hope that I can help my kids learn and grow into mature, caring, loving, smart adults who are able to tackle anything the world throws them.

93) How many children did you plan on having?
We knew we wanted 2, but had not really planned after that. Madigan was a very pleasant surprise and we are blessed to have her in our lives, and that the pregnancy and delivery were not as high risk as doctors had predicted.

94) What is the one thing you DO NOT want to pass on to your kids?
I hate that I can get a bit moody at times. I hope they are a bit more level headed.

95) Do you type without looking at the keys?
sone og the tome!

96) Do you allow your kids watch TV?
Yes. Not much, usually when I go make supper - the bewitching hour before Daddy gets home.

97)Did you or would you go to a high school reunion?
I missed my 20th reunion since I had just had a baby. With Facebook I have hooked up with some old higher school, so, maybe I will make an effort to go to the next one!

98) What would you want your high school friends to know about you now?
That I am happy.

99) Do you judge people who use bad grammar?

I like it when people write and speak good. But, on blogs I think it is ok to just write. At work, it irks me to no end when people do not double check their work.

DM Tuff asked:
100) If money was not an issue what causes would you support?

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Heart Institute, CNIB, Diabetes, Olympics, Special Olympics and Nelson House Woman's Shelter

WHEW!!!!! 100 questions...I did it....we did it!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions.

I so enjoy blogging. Expressing myself, meeting new people, sharing experieinces. I am a true blogging addict.

Now onto post 101!


TheVasquez3 said...

wowy zowy!! i am VERY impressed!! i am almost glad i didn't notice when my 100th post came and went...

Emily said...

Happy 100th!

Trudy said...

Ya done good kid !

Honesty and Humour...
Love and Laughter...

The important things you'll need to get you through your next few blogs

Kathryn said...

Wow! Thank you for answering all of those questions! I read every single one. Very impressive!
Happy 100th post!

Tara R. said...

Whew! Great job! You got some wonderful questions. Congrats on the 100th too!

krissy said...

Hot damn girl! Great answers! I know my question was sort of like a lot of others but i was under pressure!!! I can't take the pressure! *whine, whine, whine*

You sound like you have it all put together and I'm glad your hubby reads and supports your blog! My hubby does too and has been trying to hack into the blog so he can leave a entry! He, He! His witchy wife isn't giving him the password though!

Good Job Momma!

InTheFastLane said...

Good Job! That was a lot of work! Are you doing this again for post #200? I am going to have to see where I am at and pick a milestone.

A Buns Life said...

That was great!!! I'm going to attempt to do the same thing....I feel like I know you a lot better! Congrats on your 100th post. :)

Life As I Know It said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

Camping through Africa must have been amazing!!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Great answers....btw, I stole your idea! Hope you don't mind! ;)

Family Adventure said...

Laura this was AWESOME. What a great way to celebrate your 100th post!

Great questions - great answers. Though I'm still wondering what your ideal place to live would be. Let me know when you decide!

Have a good day!

Heidi :)

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

'I like it when people write and speak good' cracked me right up!
My fave question was your husband's, mine would have been asking the same thing:)

Pregnantly Plump said...

It was great learning all the stuff about you! We have more in common than babies that are close in age -- Happy Birthday Madigan!! My dad was the coach of the high school soccer team, and assistant for the football team, when I was in high school. Actually, he taught at the junior high when I was there, and was promoted to the high school football job when I entered 9th grade. Sometimes it was embarrassing, but I mostly enjoyed it. Congrats on the 100th post!

Jenni said...

Yeah for 100 posts! And now we all know you so much better.

ALF said...

very interesting combination of foods to be burried in. I will have to run that passed my husband and see if he would also eat himself out of such a situation (he's the one who invented that game).

Laura said...

Very cool...thanks for taking the time to answer all of was really interesting learning about you!