Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scrolling Saturdays - Politically Correct - or not!

Gather up your favorite archived post, dust it off and repost it!! It's that easy!

Thank you to the hostesses of this meme, Manners and Moxie and SuchSimplePleasures.

The American election process really intrigues me. It is very different than the Canadian process. For many reasons Canadians are interested in both the process and the results of all the Primaries.
For Scrolling Saturday this week, here is a piece I wrote on the provincial election that took place. It is not a post extra-ordinaraire, but it is a cute post that illustrates a key difference in the Canadian and American take on politics. This was first posted on my blog Tuesday, September 18, 2007. I hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and if you are interested, Mr. Watson won!

On October 10th Ontario residents will go to the poll to vote in the provincial elections. Coming from a very active politically-inclined family, I am one of the first to preach the importance of voting and that every vote counts. But I am not one to ram my political beliefs down the throats of anyone who will listen.

That said...I have decided to back Jim Watson, the Liberal candidate in my riding. I agree with many of his platform promises and agenda items and I also value the experience and personal character he brings to the table. What I do not agree with is his campaign slogan!

Whatever happened to striving to be the best? To presenting yourself as the BEST candidate for the job?

I do not want a good MPP - I want a GREAT MPP to represent me at Queen's Park.

Why is Mr. Watson under-selling himself? Check out his track record! He is an ideal candidate and in my opinion, much better than just good.

Has being politically correct taken a huge step into the right of self promotion and candidacy in politics? Have we, as a society decided that being good is good enough? Should we as voters settle for good? And what is the difference between good and great?

Good God! Canadian Politics can be so lame and wishy-washy. In comparison to all the American smear campaigns, I can see Mr. Watson smearing his opponents image by claiming that Conservative candidate Mike Patton would make a mediocre MPP!

Mr. Watson, stand up, be proud and toot your horn, win votes, and boldly represent this great community of Ottawa-West Nepean as a GREAT MPP.


forgetfulone said...

Seems like being politically correct is more important than being honest these days. But... at least he won! Great post.

Laura said...

Great post...I do NOT follow much as I can with my husband watching CNN 24-hrs a day....thanks for reposting that!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

That is definitely not a rousing endorsement of himself, is it? I think if I was a non-informed voter I may just skip over a guy who just considers himself 'good'.;)

Tara R. said...

If only American politicians were that self-deprecating... I can only imagine the campaign slogans that our current batch of candidates would use. That would be hilarious!