Friday, February 27, 2009

Fitness Friday - Race Day Countdown

Yippeee! It is Friday! I am very glad this week is over! I usually gush about my job - how much I love it, despite the hours - but things have been a bit, I welcome the weekend!
It has been a great workout week.

Saturday - Wanted a movie - so jogged to the Blockbuster! Jogged 25 min there and then took a shorter 10 route home
Sunday - went sledding withe the kids and then played soccer AND did my 45 minute post game workout!
Monday - Jogged 5.8 km - I did walk 3 times - but it was windy, cold and miserable outside!
Tuesday - Turbo Jam video
Wednesday - Turbo Jam video in the morning and boot camp in the evening!
Thursday - Ran @ 1.2 km, then walked @ 5km and then ran 2.2km
Friday - hmmmmmm...not much yet! but may do Wii Fit tonight!

OK. Now I need your help!

I remember this day, like it was yesterday!

This photo was taken in May, 2001. My first and only road race.

While I remember the day, I do not remember the training leading up to the big race - hey, if you need a good laugh, click HERE and read about my 5km race being more then 5km!

So, for all the runners out there, I need your help.

My first road race since my first and only, is in 2 weeks. It is another 5km race. I have no idea how I should structure my training between now and then. I usually run on Mondays and Thursdays and try to run once on the weekend - so really, I do not have much time left.

How do I make sure I build to the 5KM distance? Should I go light on the running my last few days before the race? Am I being a bit silly for getting all worked up by a short 5KM? Should I relax and just run it? What should I eat and when should I eat before the race? Will I be the last to cross the finish line? Will they need to send out a rescue team for me?

OK - honestly, I realize 5KM is not a long race - nor may it seem like a feat to many - but for me, it is a big thing. I am celebrating my 67 pound weight loss and my desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is the start to my new life and it is a start to running a 10KM race in May and a TRY-A-THON and then, hopefully a half marathon in September.
For my last 5km race I did a group training program and this time I am on my own - I am a bit more nervous and I am feeling a bit unprepared.

So, my bloggy-running-friends, any comments, suggestions, words of advise or encouragement you can send my way is appreciated! Hey, and cool running tune selections are also welcomed!!!!!


Kat said...

When you run now how far do you usually go? If you go far less that 5K on a normal run you are going to have to up your runs, if you can. I would still only run every other day. You need to rest your muscles. Try and get to a 5K distance at least once before the race, but not right before the race. Do NOT run the day before the race. Maybe even take two days off, if you've been training hard.
Drink lots of water the night before and a fair amount the morning of. Not too much you'll get a gut ache. Experts always tell you to eat a bagel with peanut butter and a banana and a glass of orange juice before a race. That always seems heavy to me. I have a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter and a banana. I think I just had some coffee (oops-dehydration) and water in the morning though.

I think you'll do great. You'll probably do much better than you expect. The adreneline rush helps carry you faster than you normally go. :)

mscooter44 said...

You are already consistently doing 5km distances so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Worst case scenario is you can't run it straight and you do 10:1 as they teach at the Running Room. Or you walk it - who cares?!?! 5km is one of the "easier" distances but it still requires a bit of planning and training, which you have been doing. Definitely don't do anything the 2nd day before the race - so if the race is Saturday take it easy on Thursday and maybe just do a short walk/light jog on Friday - maybe only 10-15 minutes. I always start race day with 1/2 a banana and a glass of chocolate milk. Be sure you try whatever you decide to eat at least once before race day - just to make sure it agrees with your tummy. Some think OJ is a bit too acidic. Another fallback is a shot of Gu about 1/2 hour before race time - it'll see you through the 5km The chocolate one is nice.

Anyway... good luck!!!!

The Veg Next Door said...

It sounds like your goal is to complete the 5K race as a celebration of your weight loss. Therefore, I suggest you keep running a few times/week but trying to run more than 5K so that you're building endurance. However, the race is only 2 weeks away so now is not the time to be playing around with your body.

If you were trying to run under a certain time then I suggest speed work. While 5K is a shorter distance speed work is very important. I can give you tips on that if you plan on running another 5K race for time.

In terms of what to eat, what you eat and how much you sleep for that matter the WHOLE week is what counts. Eating a box of pasta the night before isn't going to help you. During the week make sure to eat enough protein, fat and carbs, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. The day before and the day of should be spent off your feet (if possible). Since it's a shorter distance then you need not worry too much about food. Of course, the night before is not the best time to try a new food.

Best tip: wear something that you already have worn. You don't want to find out that your pants ride up or your underwear give you a wedgie while you're running. is a great resource by the way.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I only run to the toilet, so no tips, but WOW you go girl. I am so impressed by your energy level now!!

mscooter44 said...

How is that for confusing advice?!?! Follow mine - LOL!! :)