Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weighing In

Weight loss wise, this has been a fairly good week. I have stuck mainly to my food plan and have been exercising a lot. I am anticipating a loss at tonight's weigh in.

Last week I had a gain, as I had predicted. I had gone up two pounds - I could list 4 issues that negatively impacted me last week. I am not upset or frustrated - heck, in 23 weeks I have lost consistently, only gaining in two weeks for a total gain of 2.5 pounds! I am very glad, I was able to regroup and have a good week. Even if the scale does not say a loss tonight, I know it has been a good 7 days.

I only have 2 more weeks on my hospital monitored weight loss program. I thought perhaps I would weigh in on the program.

One one word: extreme.

Yes, it was an extreme weight loss strategy to attempt. Going off food and following a low calorie liquid diet is not for everyone. It is a controversial way to loose weight. But I think, in some cases, this method could and is very beneficial. I think I am one of those feel-good stories.

I have always been active, and was finding it harder and harder to keep active since my weight was, well, weighing me down. I was beginning to suffocate under extra pounds, emotional eating and mindless eating. Deep down, I knew if I lost pounds fast, that I would get motivated and focused. I knew this would be a good kick-start to my new lifestyle - actually, a kick-start to returning to my old, pre-kid lifestyle.

That is exactly what happened. I am now active 6 out of 7 days doing some sort of physical activity. I am leading an active lifestyle - taking stairs, eating healthy, and being more aware of what my body and mind need to be at ideal function-level.

Going on an all-liquid diet taught me a few lessons:
  1. the body actually need very little (compared to what I had been giving it!) fuel to function,
  2. Number one is especially true when you are using high-octane fuel such as veggies and healthy alternatives,
  3. food does not have to control me...I made it through emotional and stressful situations with no chocolate, or junk food - I coped with only a shake mix...so, now I know I can cope without turning to food,
  4. I like good, healthy, interesting food - junk food is just that - JUNK,
  5. and finally, I never want to loose control again - and I will never turn to a liquid diet again - I am determined to eat a healthy and sensible diet for the rest of my life.

I am very glad I did this program. I am very proud that I did this program. I am proud, happy and motivated by my 65+ pound loss in less than 6 months.

Unfortunately, I am still coming to terms with me HAVING to resort to this extreme method of loosing weight. how could I not care to such an extreme that I could let myself balloon to such an unhealthy weight. I still beat myself up for past mistakes. Oh, and how I fear I will fall into old habits and destructive behaviour. I do not want to be THAT girl who lost tonnes and tonnes of weight, only to have it all creep back on...

I guess awareness and acceptance and forgiveness are all areas that I still have to work on during this lifelong journey and process.

Fundamentally, I enjoyed the weekly sessions. It kept me motivated and focused. I am actually a bit peeved that at week 26 of the program we stop going weekly. In fact, I went and joined Weight Watchers last week to keep the social, learning and educational component of my journey going in full steam.

OK...this post is getting a bit long winded! I have lots more to say about the different leaders that we had over the last 26 weeks and the doctor and participant involvement...so, I think I will end this post and divide my thoughts into a series of posts that will be a sort of de-briefing of sorts.

I am both positive and realistic. I am facing the life-long challenge of keeping my weight and my eating in control. This is not going to be easy. Over the last 24 weeks I have learned many coping strategies and I have explored my inner-most thoughts and attitudes...I may not have will-power, but I have knowledge-power. I have a plethora of tools, tricks, strategies and ways of combating destructive behaviour, unhealthy temptations and even every-day-ordinary situations...I just have to keep at it, one day at a time.

This is me, 2 weeks before I started the program.

(Approximately 246 pounds)

This is me with only 2 weeks left on the program! Even in my winter coat, you can see a huge difference shedding over 65 pounds can make!!!

(approximately 179 pounds)

I promise more before and after photos soon...the main challenge is FINDING old, fat, me photos since I stayed away from cameras!

PS - guess what I did last week????? I registered for this, and this, and even this! YAH ME!!!!


Melissa said...

Wow, you never cease to amaze me. All of that exercise is awesome and you can just see the weight melting off you.

Good job on the program and good for you for identifying that you needed Weight Watchers to continue the support.

I see a bikini in your future.

3XMom said...

you are such an inspiration! KUDOS!