Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly Challenge Success

Amy's 15 Week Challenge has been keeping me motivated. After an initial weight gain the first week, I am happy to announce that I am down for the second straight week. At my last WW weigh in I was -0.5 pounds! Yippeeee!!!

The weekly challenges this week were pretty easy.
First, we had to fit in 20 minutes of running. Well, training for my half marathon allowed me to easily meet this requirement. Actually, Wednesday I participated in the 20 minute challenge at The Running Room. It was great fun and I got a cool running hat too!!!
The healthy eating challenge was also easy. Why? Well, just look at the recent shots of my gardens!!!!! The challenge was to eat "clean". As few processed foods as possible.
This is my second year gardening. I have 5 little plot that each measure about 5 feet by 8 feet. I cannot wait till all the plants are ready to harvest.
For breakfast I used fresh raspberries from my "fruity" garden to make an amazing purple-green monster! YUMMY!

Then I harvested fresh lettuce and spinach and swiss chard from my "greens" garden.

I made simply delish tossed salad. I added a some cottage cheese and left-over ham to make it really yummy good!

For dinner I decided to make a shrimp stir fry. I raided my "climber" garden for snow peas, green peas and a few beans.

Combined with fresh herbs from my "flavour" garden" I made a very tasty dinner!

Yes, it was a very lovely, clean diet all day! For my morning snack I ate an assortment of radishes from the garden and in the afternoon I used spinach from the garden to make another green monster.
This challenge really got me thinking. And I am now committed to decrease my consumption of processed foods and enjoy fresh fruits and veggies.
Thanks Amy!


Kat said...

Ooooo! It all looks so good and sounds so tasty! I can't wait until I have room to plant a nice garden!
Congrats on your second straight week of success! :)

Donna said...

Your garden looks beautiful!

Question; is the tray for portion control? Just wonderin' cuz down south, here in the US, portions are a problem and that'd be a big help!