Thursday, July 2, 2009

Did you have a great day too?

It is always important to start your summer vacation off right. Our first day of summer vacation plans had been in the works for a few days. The boys had decided that to truly celebrate the end of the school year they wanted to take a bus adventure. All year they took yellow school buses to school, passing the red city buses.

So, on Friday, with a huge bag packed we set off on our adventure.

We started at Baseline Station, where we bought Mommy $4 worth of tickets (all three kids were free!). Then we waited for the #95. Oh, the excitement was mounting!

The bus pulled up and our squeals of delight brought smiles and chuckles from even the most hardened public commuter!
It was all so exciting! With transfer in hand, the bus pulled out of the station. You cannot believe the excitement a little boy has when a bus pulls off the main road and goes onto the transit way - Little Anderson was looking out the window and then he started to shake, "Mommy, Mommy, look it, we are going onto the big bussie roads! Only RED BUSSIES can go on these roads Mommy!"

We arrived at Bayview station, and excited the bus. Have you ever tried to get off a crowded bus with a 5,4 and 2.5 year old??? Let's just say, it is a bit challenging, to say the least - especially when you throw in a 20 pound picnic/supply bag!

We walked from the bus stop to the O-Train platform. Here in Ottawa we have a bus system and then a new fast train system - well, I would not call it a system, it is actually one line! None, the less, we were off for stage 2 of our public transportation adventure!

We got onto the train. It was basically empty, but apparently, great care must be taken when choosing the perfect seat!

And then we were off. All three kids LOVED it. When we went through a tunnel, you would have thought we were on a big amusement ride at Disneyland!

About 10 minutes later we pulled into the station. Just for fun we exited the train, then made our way to another train car. We all switched seats, so those who had rode backwards, were now forward and those originally forward, were now seated going backwards! Fair, is fair, you know!

And off we went!

As we pulled back into the Bayview station, I asked the conductor if my transfer was still valid. Yep. I had another 45 minutes. So, I hustled the kids back up to the bus station and we hopped onto the first bus heading downtown.

We arrived downtown. We were making our way towards, what I thought would be an ideal picnic spot. Instead, we stumbled upon a promotional concert for the upcoming Jazz Festival. So, we grabbed chairs, broke out our sandwiches, fishie crackers and apples, and enjoyed a wonderful free concert.

We then hiked (yep, hiked, since I took a wrong turn) to a local establishment. My work was having a summer BBQ lunch and my boss had encouraged me to stop in. So, my plan was to drag all three kids! Little did I know that the excitement, just would not stop!

As we made our way to the restaurant, a fire truck sped past. Then, imagine our surprise when we discovered the fire truck stopped right in front of where we were going. (Apparently the BBQ set off the fire alarms!)

Well, the kids were in heaven! I could not have planned it better. And you know firemen, they are soooooo cute, I mean friendly. They let the kids look at the truck and chatted with them, and even let them stand on the back!

Anderson, came over and hugged my leg and exclaimed, "Mommy, I think this is the best day ever!"

I assured him, it was not over yet!

We joined my work gathering, and the kids were great! They were friendly, well behaved, and kind of cute in the mix with all my co-workers!

After hotdogs, pop and cookies we made our way to Chapters. This is a huge book chain that has a kids section that features a Thomas the Tank Engine play area. The kids played, I read, sipped a coffee and we all had a great time.

Then we walked up to Sparks street. Cannot miss Ottawa Ribfest! We all voted on which vendor smelled the most tastey, had the most trophies and which had the best decorations. We found our winner and waited in line. I bought a full rack of ribs with all the fixings - oh ya! Dinner would be SWEEEET!

We walked to the ice cream store. All chose our favorites, and then headed back to catch a bus home.

We climbed on board a packed train. I looked at all the weary, tired, annoyed commuters - all heading home. I lovingly looked down at my three, exhausted, but very happy (and sticky) children and smiled. This is what summer time is about. Fun and adventure.

These smiling faces sum it all up!

DJ stuck up a conversation with a fellow commuter, and he detailed his day. The love, happiness and excitement in his voice was amazing! My heart swelled when he ended his conversation with, " So, I had a great day, it was the best day ever in my life, how about you? Did you have a great day too?"


~Tammy said...

Great post!

Pregnantly Plump said...

That does sound like a great day! We have a bus system that goes by our house. Little Elvis has gotten to ride in these buses twice. It's amazing how much he loves them.

rusty61 said...

Fabulous post! Sounds like that was a day for all of you to remember as one of the best of your life.