Sunday, July 26, 2009

Realistic, Attainable and Measurable

Yet another frustrating weigh-in last night. I am up a pound...well, actually, not "A" pound, but, "THE" pound. Yep. That pesky little bugger that I have been gaining and loosing for 10 weeks now!

Full stop.

Let's switch up our thinking, and look at this from another angle:

Hmmmm...... how about looking at it from this angle?

OK - that was not very pretty, but it did get me thinking of this whole weight loss journey a bit differently.

Those photos above? Well, those jeans are the same size I wore back in 2000. In fact, they are the smallest size I have worn since getting engaged - forget the whole multiple pregnancy excuse! ENGAGED!!!

(ok, my tummy is bigger, and the pants fit me a bit differently, but these pants were bought at a "normal" store, in a normal size, with no tears of frustration or feelings of just buying something cause it fits!)

So, perhaps I should not focus on the number on the scale, but on how my body is changing. I am leaner, stronger, fitter and I carry myself with a feeling of confidence that has been missing for a long, long time.

On Sunday I ran the furthest I have EVER run (15.8km) AND I purchased size 12 jeans.

Ya, the scale may be bouncing around the 166 mark - but I am not over eating, binge eating and I am trying to choose healthy foods. I am running 3 or 4 times a week, playing soccer, working full time AND being a full time SAHM. And my weight is not ballooning. It is not inching or catapulting up.

On Thursday our running clinic had a nutritionist as a guest speaker. She is a runner, and could easily relate to our running agendas, and she works with obese children. So, I really felt that she could relate to my struggles.

After a brief conversation she gave me a big hug and said, " Look at you! You look great! You are about to go for a 6k run! You have come a long way. But you are at a cross roads. It is very difficult to properly fuel your body to prepare and train for a half marathon while totally focused on losing weight. You need to decide if your goal is to reach your goal weight in the next 2 months or is it to successfully train, and complete a half? Maybe your new short term goal is to eat healthy and properly, and train - and then, after the race you focus on loosing the last little bit of excess weight. You may be pleasantly surprised how flipping your focus to be properly fueling your training and running your race to the best of your ability will allow your to meet your weight loss goals...but it will take more time. The key should be on refueling, repairing muscle and keeping healthy. Cutting calories and sacrificing your ability to train effectively will lead to huge disappointment. You need to set your goals."

Goals. My goals.

Well, for almost 10 months my goal has been to loose weight. Period. PERIOD. Perhaps I am suffering from tunnel vision?

I really want to train and succeed at completing a half marathon. Can you imagine the feeling I will have crossing that finish line - exactly one year from the time I could not run around the soccer pitch or run up two flights of stairs?

I have come a long way. Ten months ago, I could not even fathom running 1km let alone 22.5km!

OK. So, I need to set new goals. They need to be realistic, attainable and measurable.

What a coincidence, the weekly challenge at Amy's 15 Week challenge is all about goal setting and rewarding yourself for short term and long term goals.

Here goes:

Short term goals and associated rewards:
1. Run 3 times a week while on vacation (getting in each of my LSD Sunday runs as per my training program. REWARD - A new, cute running outfit!

2. Journal everything I eat while on vacation - The good, the bad, and the ugly. REWARD - A new sleek black coat I have been eyeing for a few weeks.

3.Enjoy my vacation and get to at least 1 WW meeting in the 3 weeks. REWARD - A pair of AMAZING red shoes I saw at Winners!

Long term goals and associated rewards:
1. Run the half marathon in September - and cross the finish line with a smile, or simply beaming with pride. REWARD - a day at the spa.

2. By Christmas day be 160 pounds. REWARD - Treat myself to a boxing day shopping spree.

Well, I think those are all realistic, attainable and measurable!

Your encouragement, support and well, prayers, are all appreciated.

I am not in a race to lose weight, I am building, defining and reconfirming who I am and what I want out of life, but embarking on a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to me.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Laura! You still have a positive mindframe, not only about how far you've come, but also how you're not regressing! The last 10 is hardest to lose, right? And you've opened yourself to new short term goals, which relieves you of the pressure of those 6lbs, while still allowing you to accomplish another goal and feel good doing it.

I can't wait to see pictures of you crossing the finish line...I always cry when I finish a is a huge accomplishment...and one that you do entirely for yourself!

I don't doubt you will continue to see success in all of your efforts!

I especially love how your rewards are all about shopping...a means to also satisfy your re-found shop-a-holic which had been hiding :)

Pregnantly Plump said...

I think it sounds like you're in a good place and you look fantastic! Your rewards sound very fun! I'm not looking forward to the weight loss ahead of me after September. I'll have to reread some of your earlier weight loss posts to keep my willpower up.

Anonymous said...

OK Laura - this will sound corny - but Laura Storrie, you're my hero :) Seriously, I love goal setting. I suck at it, but love it. I think your short and long term goals are awesome not to mention your rewards rock.

OK, I know I always sing your praises, but what is a friend to do when she is proud of her friend...have a great vacation and look forward to reading more and hearing all about it when you get back.

Talking about when you get back, let's try and plan something we can do weekly with the girls and get to visit (gymnastics, skating, other?)

p.s. It's Ilana but I forget my password, so I'm signing on as anonymous

Jackie said...

Wow! I found you through WW today, but kept looking through your posts about your weight loss journey ~ you are kickin' it. Congratulations!!! I think you may be hugely surprised what happens when you change your focus, and your new goals look great!! I'm subscribing to RSS and will check in often to see how things are going!! Good luck, you CAN do it!!