Tuesday, August 21, 2007

12 % of Men and 22% of Women

12 % of Men and 22% of Women regret the person they married. WOW - some interesting numbers I heard on the radio on the way to soccer this evening. CRAZY...almost 1/4 of the women polled regret being married to their spouse.

Did they not know what they were getting into? And with whom? Did they simply settle? Did they have cause for concern but leaped into marriage just the same? Or have they grown apart from that person they spoke vows to one day past? And what the numbers do not tell us is how many stay in an unhappy marriage? How many cheat? How many cause strife and burden to the products of the relationship - the children?

This silly poll, by God knows who, has really stuck in my brain.

Perhaps I am zeroing in on these stats because one of my closest friends is currently struggling to save his marriage. My heart goes out to him and his children - and even to his wife, who made the decision to leave. I cannot fathom what they must be going through.

Or perhaps I am focusing on these statistics because I am one of those lucky ones...no regrets! In 2000 I met the man of my dreams and have lived in bliss since then. He is every thing and more that I could have ever hoped or dreamed for in a husband, and best friend. He knows me, understands me, cares for me and accepts me - and I him. We are a team.

We life in a world of instant gratification - perhaps that would explain why so many people are not happy with their significant other.

I have no regrets. And I know that my children see my husband and I as a team. They witness the loving glances, the total respect and love we share for each other. They are learning that marriage is a wonderful thing - a meeting of two souls, two ideals, two beings. Marriage should not be difficult or hard work. My children are an extension of my love for my husband and I am so proud of that fact. Regrets, I have none!

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