Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mrs. Mitchell

The summer is almost over - hard to believe! What is even harder to believe is that we are starting to prepare our eldest son for Junior Kindergarten!

Every year, no matter my scholastic status, I get a sense of melancholy around the "back to school season". The early TV ads showing happy parents and sad kiddies certainly magnify my primitive need to reflect on my school days.

The first teacher to always come to mind is Mrs. Mitchell. My grade three teacher. That last sentence seems so cort and certainly does not embody everything this wonderful woman was to me. She was a very special teacher and I will always remember her. Mrs. Mitchell went way beyond her call of duty to make learning fun. She inspired, nurtured, and truly connected with me - and probably the entire class. I was so lucky to have her as a teacher- and even more lucky to have her in my life for longer than that school year. My parents befriended dear Mrs. Mitchell and she became a family friend - attending my dance recitals, family dinners and the like. We had a special connection. Every summer she would pick me up in her electric blue car and we would speed off to Stratford to see a Shakespearian play - it was a highlight of my summer. I still remember the time we stopped mid-way home to watch shooting stars. Mrs. Mitchell certainly taught me to reach for the stars. Thank you, Mrs. Mitchell.

Will DJ have a Mrs. Mitchell during his scholastic career? I hope and pray he has many. But I must say, he is currently batting 1000! His preschool teachers were wonderful and they have prepared him for "big girl and boy school".

While DJ still talks about all 3 of his teachers, there is one that he simply adores - Marlene. Marlene is a loving, wonderful person who knows how to connect with 3 year olds in a very special way. What a thrill the other day to receive a post card from Marlene. I wish I could have had a camera to take a photo of DJ and I as we read this wonderful postcard. DJ all smiles and jumping around all excited while I was wiping away tears! What a wonderful teacher to send us a post card from her summer travels. A personal note filled with love, support and friendship. Marlene exemplifies what it is to be a wonderful teacher, friend and all-round wonderful person. I cannot explain how grateful I am that DJ had such a wonderful teacher for his first classroom experience. Marlene has certainly touched DJ; Marlene has touched our entire family. I am inspired to become even more supportive in my children's development and education because of Marlene. DJ is confident and ready for Junior Kindergarten, because of Marlene. Thank you Marlene!

I have met DJ's Junior Kindergarten teacher twice and am thrilled to say, she may be our next Mrs. Mitchell or Marlene. She is a caring, energetic, strong, patient and loving woman. I am excited for DJ. He is about to embark on a long, challenging journey through the corridors of our school system. And with wonderful mentors like Marlene and Mrs. B, I am sure he will do fine.

My little boy is growing up!

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