Monday, August 27, 2007

Movie Review

Sunday morning DJ and I spent some quality time together. We went to see a movie together. We had a fabulous time.

While we were in the same room...we each saw a totally different movie - Let me explain.

Sunday was Bus Safety Day for our school system. Since DJ will be starting Junior Kindergarten in a few weeks, he got to attend an information morning. We registered and filed into a classroom. The lights went out and a fun little movie with Winnie The Pooh and friends came on.

DJ sat spell-bound - mesmerized as Pooh and friends went over the 8 rules of bus safety. Eyes fixed on the screen he nodded in agreement, giggled on cue and even objected to Tiger breaking one of the rules. During the credits he was all smiles - grateful that Pooh and his friends safely rode the bus to and from school.

Standing only a few feet away - the film I saw was quite different. And as the credits rolled, I wiped away a tear - grateful for the gift of being a mom and sharing in my son's life as he grows up.

Here is a snippet of the very personal movie I saw at Bus Safety Day.

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slouching mom said...

Awwww. That's a lovely movie you saw.