Monday, August 13, 2007

Murky Waters

Can I say I am new at this??? This whole blogging phenomena? Having never posted a blog, in the true sense, perhaps I am...but then for years I have kept a journal...does that count? Yes. I think it should. So, while I am not new to the catharsis of putting thought, peeve, desire or anecdotes onto paper, I am new to this on-line spuing of inner-thoughts.

Why take the plunge?

While washing the dishes this morning I was gazing out our back window. And there in front of me was our wonderfully refreshing in-ground pool. My pool made me do it! The green, murky water called to me...and I decided to dive right in!

You see, our pool has a crack in a pipe and it has made it near impossible to clean. So, the dirt and crud has settled on the bottom. And if you look closely, or if we do get a bit of the pool vacuumed, you can see the water is blue and clear - it is all the crap that has settled that makes it appear murky, cloudy and icky.

hmmmmmmm.... is it a metaphor of my current life? For years I kept a journal and then when my life took a most fabulous turn - I stopped. I met the most amazing man, started an amazing courtship, marriage and family. I am now blessed with three wonderful children. Life is great - but bumpy at times. So, why not start journaling again? The waters of my life are clear - I have found my calling in being a wife and mother...but at times things are not as clear or clean...and some crud always seems to settle when you least expect it.

So, jump on in and join my pool party...come splash around...have fun and help me perfect the front crawl and back stroke of life.

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