Friday, August 17, 2007

That means you are special - Part 1 and 2

I have 2 separate stories I would like to share with my "faithful" readers - well, with my wonderful husband and my mom - since I am pretty sure they are the only people reviewing my posts.

When DJ (my eldest son) was just 10 days old he had emergency surgery that saved his life. It is certainly amazing what the medical field can do...and we are eternally thankful. He was left with a faint, long, narrow scar on his belly. When he was just over 2 years old he questioned his scar. Thinking on my feet, I replied that it is a line that says "you are special" and that Dr. Reuben put it there when he saw "how special you are".

Now when anyone comments on DJ's scar or on his little medic alert bracelet, he replies that both mean he is special ---- which he truly is.

Part one of my story begins with the bewitching hour, when Mommy makes dinner and the kids destroy the house. Well, as I made dinner, I could hear the boys chatting in the front room:

Anderson: What's that??

DJ: That's my special line that Dr. Ruby gave me when he made me better. It means that I am special.

Anderson: OH.

DJ: I do not see one on you...MOMMY, why doesn't Sanson have a special line too??

Mommy from the kitchen: Anderson did not have tummy troubles, so he does not have a line, but we all know he is very special - aren't you Sweetheart?

Anderson: (proudly) Me special too.

That was the end of the conversation...or so, I thought.

At bath time I helped DJ take off his clothes and climb into the tub...and when I pulled off Anderson's shirt my mouth dropped. There in thick, permanent marker was scribbles and lines masterfully done by no one but a 2 year old.

DJ proudly confessed by saying " Mommy, Sanson is very special too, so, I made sure he knows it!"

How could I be mad? My heart swelled. Big brother DJ making sure little brother Anderson (and everyone else) knew he was special too.

I will always cherish that moment, and remember it forever.

Part Two

Jump ahead almost a year. Part two begins on a hot summer afternoon. Mommy and DJ are putting on our bathing suits to take a dip in our pool. Very innocently, DJ comes over to my side and rubs my belly. I feel a little bit self conscience - you see, I am currently struggling with my weight and ask him what he is doing. Three preganancies in three years has wreeked havoc on my body, leaving lots of extra pounds, stretch marks and sadly, a low self-esteem.

With big blue eyes, and a very innocent and loving heart he asks, "Mommy, what's that?" I realize that he is either pointing at my stretch marks or to the indentation the waist band of my pre-pregnancy pants have left on my plump tummy. I start to explain how having babies in Mommy's tummy changed her body and DJ interupts, "Mommy you sure have lots of lines that say you are special - I love you and you are my special Mommy - you are the best Mommy in the world. Can we go swimming now?"

I have never been prouder of those stretch marks.

And, I have never been motivated more to change my eating habits and loose this baby weight. So, that I can keep up with my 3 very special kids.


slouching mom said...

Those are two very sweet stories! I too could lose some weight, and my boys don't ever seem to notice -- I'm "Mommy" to them, and that's that.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Anonymous said...

I've been "lurking" around a bit on your site for a while now. What a great story!! I just had to comment, because I'm always self-conscious of my c-section scar, but my husband says it reminds him of what I went through for my family. There are different ways to look at things, eh? Anyway, I see you have me on your blogroll (thanks!!!!) so I'm thinking maybe you're a lurker, too!! lol You should leave me a comment here and there!! This was a great, great post.

A Buns life said...

Love that!! That is such a sweet story.