Monday, June 22, 2009

10:30 tears

I woke up Friday morning knowing I was probably going to shed a tear (or two) at 10:30am. I thought I was prepared by stuffing some tissue into my purse when I ran off to work at 2:30am.

All morning the excitement grew.

I finished work shortly before 9am and hustled to my parking garage.

My plan was to head over to Party Planners and pick up a little balloon bouquet and meet my hubby and kids at the school. Today was the BIG day - DJ was graduating from senior kindergarten!

The ceremony was to start at 10:30.

At 9:05 I drove up the parking garage ramp. Stopped to let a few pedestrians walk across. Checked right, checked left, checked right and pulled out.....KABBOOOOOOM!

A garbage truck had been obstructing my view. I thought it was clear...but it wasn't clear.
I hit a Blue Line taxi.

Did I ever feel bad. But, the good thing was that I was just inching out when it happened, and there was very little damage.

The cab driver was upset. Understandably.

I apologized. Then went and retrieved my documents and information.

I was shaken and very upset, but worked very hard to keep it together. No one was hurt. There was minimal damage to the two cars.

I asked the cab driver for his information and told him that we would swap information and then go to the reporting centre. We could both be on our way in a matter of minutes.

He refused to give me his information. He claimed we had to call the police.

I did not want to argue - but I adamantly informed him that the procedure, as I understood it, was that since no one was hurt and that both cars were drive-able, that we would exchange info and then go to the reporting centre.

He refused. He got angry.

I called the police.

We waited...and waited...and waited.

I looked at the clock - 9:25...9:45...10:10...10:20... 10:30. Graduation time. Tears.

Of course we were not a priority - there were no injuries and no sizable damage.

The cab driver got impatient. I once again informed him what I thought we should do. He disagreed and we called the police again.

They were on their way.

I had been right - I did shed many tears at 10:30. Unfortunately, it wasn't at my eldest child's graduation. It was in my car, frustrated, upset, mad, angry and terribly shaken.
Finally the police arrived.

First I told my side of the story - explaining the garbage truck and how I thought it was clear, but obviously, it wasn't.

I explained how I asked the other driver at least 4 times for his information and wanted to go sort it out at the reporting office. I was visibly upset.

The officer was very understanding. He asked me to wait in my car while he took the information from the cab driver.

Oh, what a heated exchange that was...yes, I was correct in the proper procedure to deal with a minor fender bender. The cab driver - who drives for his living - was wrong. If he would have followed proper procedure, then I would have been at the school well before the graduation.

In spite of the minor finder bender, that I take sole responsibility for, I could have sat in the front row, clapping and cheering...and shedding tears of joy and pride at my son's graduation. I would have been there when my son was awarded to top class award...and I would have shed another tear. Yep. Top honours! The Peacemaker award!

Instead, I sat in my banged up car and cried.

I was charged with failure to yield from a private road - the least of the charges the police officer charge me. The police had been super nice - explained it all to me - told me he had "educated" the cab driver and told me I could go on my way.

I put on my seat belt, turned my key, and realized I had killed my battery while waiting. So, I shed another tear.

Yep, I knew I would shed a tear that morning - but I never imagined I would miss my little man's graduation. It was heartbreaking.

So, here are some photos of my eldest son's graduation, you know, the one his Momma missed :(

Let's hope I get to attend his middle school, high school, and university graduations!
(I am so proud of you DJ - You make my heart sing, my child!)


Kat said...

Awww. That is so sad. I'm so sorry. I would be heartbroken. :(
So glad it was a small accident and no one was hurt, but still. That cab driver needs a good smackdown. :(

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm so sorry! It's great that you have pictures, though. And he looks very happy and proud. I hope you have a much better day tomorrow.

Tara R. said...

I so sorry! I shed a tear for you too. Glad you're okay. The photos from the ceremony are sweet.

A Buns Life said...

Oh, sweetie....I'm so sorry you missed it!! I would have been furious with that cab driver, words can not even begin to explain....

ALF said...

Oh no! Once I backed into a dumpster on my wedding anniversary. That was sad. But yours is sadder.

forgetfulone said...

That is heartbreaking! I'm afraid I would have left my information, copied down his description, license plate, cab #, and left. There is no way I woud have been as reasonable as you. I'm thankful you're okay and it was a minor incident. Sorry it had to happen with such a jerk!

Momisodes said...

Oh no. My heart broke just reading this. I am so sorry you missed his graduation. I would be just beside myself as you were.

That cab driver is such an moron!