Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pesky Plateau and 15 weeks

Ok - have a quick look over to the right side of my blog, the one listing my weekly weigh ins.

Notice anything?

Yep. For the last 6 weeks I have been gaining and loosing the same flippn' pound!

I have been struggling with my food plan and food choices. BLTs are killing me! Cheating, losing motivation and starting to get discouraged was my daily struggle.

After 41 weeks and 80 pounds loss, I was about to throw in the towel and go drown my sorrow in junk food. When, low and behold Amy, over at Amy's Quest to Skinny introduced a 15 week challenge!

(Amy friggn' rocks - you gotta read her story. She is an inspiration to me!)

This 15 week challenge promises to be challenging, motivating, fun and way cool!

Workout Wednesdays, Century Club Workout, Weekend Warrior Challenges, OH MY!

And, each week, there will be a Weekly Challenge. This challenge will vary in what is required but will always be related to healthy living. Participants will receive points for completing the task, and can earn additional points for photographing their challenge!

I could not sign up fast enough! This is sooooo going to help me get back on track!

Hey, how about you? You up for a challenge? Up to getting healthier, fitter and just feeling better? Go sign up today! Seriously - GO!

Come on! Let's join this challenge together and really support and help each other.

OK you pesky little plateau - WATCH OUT! I want you gone, and gone you will be!!!!!!!

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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

WOW! 80 pounds in 41 weeks?! That's ALOT to be proud of!

Good luck!