Monday, June 29, 2009

The best gifts for the best teachers - eva!

Well, another school year is done. Another thank you gift for the teachers.

If you have been following The Fringe, you know we do not give ordinary, run-of-the-mill teacher gifts. Nope, we do it a bit out of the box...out of the box of wood, that is!

Our homemade yule logs caused many tears! Sometimes the kids use power tools and let them raid my herb garden!

Once again, the boys worked with Pepe to make some beautiful gifts. Our best yet!

The boys made wooden flower boxes, and even decorated them with a apple of flower!

We then visited the dollar store and bought a bunch of flower seeds and a nice garden ornament.

I used photos of the boys working in Pepe's workroom to make a personalized card for each. Basically, I played up the fact that these wonderful teachers have "planted the seeds of education" and the boys have "blossomed" into wonderful little boys.

I brought them to the class picnic and the boys proudly presented Ms. D and Ms. B with their gifts.

Based on the smiles and hugs shared, I am pretty sure the two best kindergarten teachers appreciated their gifts!

(Thanks Pepe and Nana for helping the boys!)


Sniz said...

Oh my goodness! I would be THRILLED to receive a gift like this from one of my children, so I can't even imagine getting it from a student!!! I am SOOOO impressed, Laura! The way you wrapped them and tied it all together with the cards and the seeds...well, you should be paid to come up with gift concepts! You are one creative lady!

Tara R. said...

That is awesome! So much better to make something yourself. I'm sure their teachers were thrilled.

Love the shop with the safety glasses.

(don't let the new avatar throw ya!)

forgetfulone said...

Let me teach your little one! I'd love to get the gifts you give. Unfortunately, 7th graders don't usually give gifts. Those flower boxes are awesomely ca-yoot! And what a sweet note for the teachers.

Barrie said...

Wow! I want to be on your gift list!!