Friday, June 26, 2009

Bunny ears and peacemakers

I am still recovering from my grad-day car accident. Oh, I am not physically hurt - but a button was pushed, or a lever pulled, or a tear damn broken. Let's just say, I am still very upset about the whole situation - and in my own admission, a bit out of control. I know and realize it, but I cannot help it.

Anyways, let me wipe away my tears and start this post.

Deep breath.

I could not leave the DJ's graduation post the way it was - no. That post was about me. My accident. My wanting to be at the graduation. My frustration and emotional break down. It was not about DJ, his accomplishments, his experiences or successes.

So, let's start over!

Two years ago DJ happily climbed onto a big yellow school bus and with a quick wave and a very brave smile he was off on an educational adventure.

He loved junior kindergarten. He made some great friends. He was exposed to many interesting things, ideas, attitudes - some his parents appreciated, and some, not so much! But hey, that is the nature of school.

He fell in love with his teacher, Ms. B. She is a veteran teacher with years of experience, a heart of gold, and firm, but loving and caring way. DJ excelled!

Ms. B calls her class Kinderbunnies. On the first day of school DJ came home sporting very cute brown bunny ears.

The year flew by.

Last September, DJ came home from his first day of Senior Kindergarten proudly wearing his grey ears. He was older, wiser, more experienced Kinderbunny.

This year was super amazing. DJ started developing reading and math skills. He become more outgoing, more confident and really started to become his own person.

"DJ has enjoyed an excellent kindergarten year;making steady gains in all areas."

"He consistently displays a respectful, kind attitude towards others;congratulating classmates on their successes or gently supporting them through their challenges."

"He can typically be depended upon to practice his best behaviour."

"He routinely applies simple problem solving strategies to address disagreements between friends though they rarely involve him due to his generous nature and innate sense of fairness"

These are only a few of the statements in DJ's end of the year report that had me beaming with pride and bawling like a baby.

I cannot express how proud I am of DJ.

At graduation DJ received his silver bunny ears. These old, wise ears symbolized his retirement from kindergarten.

Do you remember the All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten poem by Robert Fulghum? Well, Ms. B has taken that idea one step further. The main theme or philosophy in her class is centred around peacemakers and peacebreakers.

This terminology has been consistent all year round.

"Johnny, is that a peacemaker decision, or a peacebreaker decision?" "Amy, is hitting a peacemaker solution or a peacebreaker solution?" "Danny, you are being such a peacemaker helping Patty build that tower!" You get the point.

And you know, the whole concept is ingenious. We now use it at home, and heck, let's face it, I have even found myself cautioning myself about making a peacebreaker decision!


Anyways. Back to graduation.

Every senior bunny received a classroom award. There was the leadership award, the musicality award, the "took good care of the books" award, the tidy award, and even the Tigger award for unbridled enthusiasm!

Every child was called up and was presented their award. At the end, Ms. B. asked if anyone had not received and award. DJ slowly raised his hand. Ms. B. then explained the philosophy of her classroom; then without further adieu, she presented my DJ with the PEACEMAKER AWARD. Tops honours. My DJ.

Can you say proud?!?!?!?!

Today was the last day of school. DJ is now off to grade one. Who knows what is in store for us...but, you know, I cannot wait to find out!

Way to go DJr!!!!!!


ALF said...

I wish I was in kindergarten.

Pregnantly Plump said...

What great accomplishments! He sounds like a wonderful little boy.