Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shake Rattle and Roll...I mean Loose!

Well, I made it through day one and now, I am on my second day of the medically supervised liquid diet.

So far so good.

Let's back track a bit.

The group meeting on Tuesday went well. The behaviour specialist spoke about defining goals and establishing a support team around you. We also talked about the tips to lifestyle change and goal setting.

We also discussed three key tips for lifestyle change. That is what my program is all about. Yes, it is a weight loss program, but the key is really education and skill to lead a better life that includes proper food and exercise choices.
  1. A goal is what you WANT to achieve -- habits are not broken, but replaced
  2. Identify the negative thoughts you have while over eating -- set yourself up for support
  3. Shed the shame -- be proactive
When setting any type of goal it is important to be SMART, this is especially true in terms of weight loss journeys.

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Realistic
T - Timeline specific
She stressed that goals can be re-visited and revised throughout your journey and to never feel threatened or overwhelmed by the goals you set. A SMART goal allows you to be challenged, to improve, to grow, but to also accomplish what you set out to do in the first place.
My goals include:
  1. Loose 10% of my weight by Thanksgiving. Studies show that a 10% decrease in your weight will greatly improve your health and will reduce many health concerns.
  2. Keep on plan for the 12 weeks. I think this is attainable. I am determined to make this program work.

During the time between my intake interview/medical tests and the actual start of the core program I remained focused. I am able to brag that between September 5 and September 16 I followed the eating plan I was given and I increased my level of activity. WHAM-OO! 8 pounds shed. I am so happy. So. Happy.

I kept a food diary and really tried to make good decisions. I am super pleased with my hard work. I tried very hard to stay within their 1200 calorie diet - though I did go over a few times. I was amazed at a few things:

  1. How little water I was consuming before the program. Water is essential. I feel so much better just by increasing my water intake.
  2. My portions had exploded. I had lost control of what, why and when I was eating. Keeping a journal really helped me.
  3. How well I do with a little accountability - competition. I was determined not to fail.

I believe that I will always have to rely on a food journal, even after the program is done.

So, at the meeting on Tuesday I was given my "product". Now, for 12 weeks I will not eat anything - only drink the Optifast formula they gave me and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of water.

It is very important to only have the shakes and no additional calories. The shakes are designed to give you all the stuff your body needs, but to also put your body into a state of ketosis. Apparently, at this point you should not feel hungry and your body will be saving your lean muscle mass and burning your stored fat.

Well, I am mid way through day two and things are going well. If anyone would have said I would try a liquid diet, let alone, not mind it, I would have laughed in their face! But, things are going pretty good.

I am drinking huge amounts of water...and peeing like crazy, but that is suppose to wash your system out. It seems to be working!

So, thus begins my journey.

I do not own a scale and will not be buying one - so results and weigh ins will only happen at my group meetings on Tuesday nights. So, till then, please keep cheering me on!

Poor Madigan...the doctor told me that breastfeeding is not no more boobie for her!


forgetfulone said...

Laura, great attitude! I agree that water is essential.

Your portions aren't the only ones that have exploded. Haven't we all noticed that restaurant portions are twice what they should be? And some people feel compelled to clean their plates, and it's unnecessary.

Keep up the good work!

Melissa said...

Wow, you sounds so in control of all of this. I have to say I'm truly envious of your determination.

I can't wait to celebrate your 10% loss on will truly have something to be thankful for, huh? (Besides the normal stuff.)

Tara R. said...

Good luck, I know you'll be successful!

Sue said...

Good luck to you Laura! I too am envious of your determination because I know first hand how challenging this endeavour can be. With your positive attitude you will succeed!


Life As I Know It said...

wow - 8 pounds already!!
Sounds like you are well on your way. You can do it!!

Erin said...

You are doing fantastic! Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately but I have been keeping up with your progress and you are super! The best part is your attitude about all of this. YOur attitude will make this whole thing easier and definitely do-able.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I really need to come by here daily-- I always leave feeling so inspired.. it's just this toddler thing really keeps me from doing the reading I want (I guess that's a good thing since I'm chasing her and not reading or blogging every day).
You rock, I am so impressed by your determination (and I am STILL without a soda because of you) :-)

Pregnantly Plump said...

Congrats! This program sounds like a very good one, and it's great that it's focusing on a lifestyle change.
It sounds like you are off to a great start!