Friday, December 19, 2008

Fitness Friday - Milestones

I have had a great exercise week, hitting a few great milestones!

Monday - Turbo Jam Cardio 30 min and Turbo Jam Sculpt 60 min
Milestone: Able to complete both workouts back-to-back for the first time ever!

Tuesday - Dance Dance Dance with your Toddler Workout
Milestone: Must have had 1 million hearty laughs, and laughing is a great cardio workout! On the weight side of things, at my meeting I weighed in with another loss of 2.5 pounds. This is great since it occurred during week one of transition to real food!

Wednesday - Total Body Workout
Milestone: I attended all 5 sessions with out missing one! I was able to complete all circuits and improved from running at the back of the pack to the upper-middle of the pack! Plus, I enjoyed this mix-it-up type of workout so much, I signed up for the 10 week session starting in January.

Thursday - 5.45km run
Milestone - This is the longest distance I have ran since starting - AND - I did not alternate with walking. I. RAN. THE. WHOLE. WAY! Best of all, instead of over-eating or eating junk food to help get through a stressful time, I tied up my laces and exercised!

Friday - Planning to do the Turbo Jam Sculpt and 10 minutes of skipping
Saturday - Taking it easy...a well deserved break!

Sunday - Regular soccer game. It is an early game and we are expecting lots of subs, so, I may hit the work gym after the game for an additional workout!

How was your fitness week?


Melissa said...

Wow, 2.5 pound loss and you transitioned to food? IMPRESSIVE!

You are all over this!!

Amy said...

How have I never seen your blog before? You're amazing!

Way to rock your workouts this week!


the MomBabe said...

seriously, so inspiring.

Momisodes said...

Wow! You've done an awesome job this week :) So inspiring. The weather has been awful here, so I've been slacking. I wish I could do a gym membership through winter.

Hope you have a fabulous day off tomorrow! You def. deserve it.

Anabella said...

Congrats! You have done a great job! Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very happy New Year!