Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gift Wrapped in Love

On Monday I worked an extended shift from 4am to 430pm. When I called home throughout the day there was never an answer.

I kind of figured that hubby had braved the stores with three young children. (Fool!)

Due to terrible traffic, I did not get home until hubby was feeding the kiddies.

As soon as I walked into the kitchen, Anderson squealed with excitement and shouted," Mommy, Mommy, go into the garage and look to see if you like your new 'puter we bought you for Christmas!!!"

DJ then yelled out, "Anderson, SHUSH! We hid Mommy's new computer in the garage 'cause it is a surprise, SHUSH! Don't tell her about it!"

Wide-eyed at all the sudden excitement, Madigan then calls out, "'puter, Mama, 'puter, Mama!"

Yep, guess I am getting a new computer...while it will not be a surprised, it certainly is wrapped in love!!!

(Thanks Hubby, you are the best. Love you so very much!)

1 comment:

Tara R. said...

YAY for a new 'puter! Have great time with your new toy.